Newbie from good old Germany

Hi there, yesterday I bought a Brammo Enertia down here in OWL (==somewhere in Europe) and I'm sure that I will have a lot of questions and that I'll need a lot of help… I hope that this is the right place for this. So: Have a lot of fun… MfGde… Go to Source

New software flashed; now have an oddity in the Android app

Last week I brought my S in for the latest software flash.  Everything seemed fine, though it did reset my "Custom" configuration.  No problem as I was able to reset it back where I liked.  The odd thing I'm noticing though, is in the app display while… Go to Source

Unknown wires

I laid my bike down in the back yard when I slipped on some leaves. After inspection I found these two wires. One white and one blue. I can’t figure out where they go or what they are for. They are behind the headlight. Any help would be much appreciat… Go to Source

Cable to access BMS Diagnostic Port

I have successfully connected to the BMS using a modified version of the ODB serial cable described in this thread The BMS connector is tiny. I found this part that mates with it and was… Go to Source

Bike dropped 》 Isolation level dangerous!

Hello, I dropped my bike with a accident with an animal. I rode my bike 5 km to my home without any electric problems.  Now has my shop made some test on the battery. The isolation test failed! Is this possible a big problem? Here is the log they have… Go to Source

UK Buyers – Shortfall/GAP Insurance

One for the UK Zero buyers and recent owners … Have you, or how have you, arranged for GAP/Shortfall insurance on your purchase?   These bikes are not cheap, finance costs for 3 or 4 years are not inconsiderable.  Yet if anything untoward happens we… Go to Source

Sam’s awesome Zero Mod series on Youtube!

"It's time to modify the Zero!" Episode 1: planning to add clip-ons and swap out the seat and tank cover: <iframe width="640" height="385" src="// Go to Source

Curtiss electric motorcycles

This teaser regarding the future Curtiss Electric Motorcycle company (formerly Confederate Motorcycles) contains a historically interesting video which shows the Curtiss Motorcycle Museum:… Go to Source

2018 charging display oddities

I have been unable to determine by reading the 2018 Zero owner's manual if this is supposed to happen:  Once the bike has fully charged and you remove the charging cable, as recommended by Zero, the information on the display and the green charging lig… Go to Source

DC-DC 12V converter

Hi, my DC-DC 12V converter is failing terribly, so I would have to change it. If I'm epending money can I get the 500W Sevcom instead of the 300W that it came with? Go to Source