What do we want for 2019?

I figure that with Zero it is never too early to start moaning about what we would like to see in the way of their future models. (Although my guess is that they likely already have the 2019 models pretty much worked out by now.)  Anyway, I'll start my… Go to Source

Zero production

How many motos is Zero manufacturing each year?Not so easy to find!Searched a bit on the interweb and found this: 2014:1200 zeros manufactured2015: 1800 planned. Anyone have more accurate and recent production numbers?Thanks Go to Source

Back to the CA DMV so you can fly in 2020

Yesterday, news reports stated that the U.S. government says that the current California vehicle license document sucks as a valid ID for flying on a commercial airliner. In order to fly from any U.S. airport after 2020, a new CA DMV license or ID card… Go to Source

Should battery be fully charged on 16 SR while PT is being installed?

Should battery be fully charged on 16 SR while PT is being installed to insure cell balance? Go to Source

DS – DSR tires What have you tried?

I just got a pair of Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tires hoping to improve the cold wet traction, they are rated pretty high for wet traction and I can't wait to get 'em mounted since it rains nearly every day in the winter here.They were relatively affor… Go to Source

Mugen Shinden TT Bike Video

Saw this on youtube of the Mugen Shinden bikes.  I'm surprised Honda hasn't gotten into the electric motorcycle market.  They're kicking ass at the TT. https://youtu.be/xhthoUXkwUw Go to Source

Brembo Recall

Does anyone know the master cylinder Brembo model number on the Empulse? https://auto.ndtv.com/news/brembo-announces-recall-to-check-for-potential-brake-failure-1794316 Since the Victory Empulse 2016 were all manufactured during the same period as the … Go to Source

Count the Zeros

I visited my daughter today. Attached is a photo of her garage.  The Zeros are starting to pile up. In other news: I rode to her home using eco mode and it took 31% of my battery charge to travel the 38 miles there, the same as it does when when using … Go to ...

caring for flat/matte paint

My 2018 Zero S has a silver matte finish, which is the first vehicle that I have ever owned that uses this type of finish. I believe that other 2018 Zero models also use this type of finish. Here is a link to an article describing how to care for this … Go to Source

New Years Eve 2017 Mt Umunhum Ride

Sorry I just copied this from another forum but enjoy! So I had to get one last ride in for the year and I thought hey they just opened up Mt. Umunhum not long ago and it goes all the way up to the Radar Tower now.  I used to work in Almaden Valley and… ...