ELI5: J1772 Instead of a Printer Cord?

Wouldn't it make more sense to provide the Zero line with a J1772 charge where the current charge port is? And then provide an external adapter with the bike that can be plugged into that? I'm still waiting on my 2018 SR with both the standard charger… Go to Source

2013 Zero FX power cutting out in temps below 60 F

Hell, I really hope someone can help. My 2013 Zero FX has about 3000 miles. I've had it about a year and ever since this past fall, it acts up in colder weather. I'm in SF Bay Area so we're not talking about freezing temps. In sport mode, it cuts out c… Go to Source

2017SR or 2016SR?

I have my dear 2016SR for about one and half year now. It's been running great. I haven't had any real issue with it, and I have driven so far about 14.000km. I have just replaced the tires a second time, so they are pretty new now. Now, I got a very g… Go to ...

Just ordered a new Zero!

Just put a deposit down on a new 2018 SR with the charge tank, to replace my 2015 SR. This is going to be my fourth Zero all told. Its going to be a good year I think! Go to Source

Arcimoto SRK

I remember seeing a group doing a demo ride on these a while back.  It looks like they're starting to mass produce them now.  It'll be available in the fall of this year.  Its basically a front wheel drive electrically powered trike.  Its like a golfca… Go to Source

2017 Zero DSR video ride review

I think you will enjoy watching this long video review of the 2017 Zero DSR by the The Missenden Flyer:<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/qwAkW6OQXuI?fs=1 Go to Source

High Voltage IT Network

Hello Does the Zero 2018 actually have a secure IT network? Then she would also have a second battery or? Go to Source

Goodbye Zero

It's been a while since I've been here so I thought I'd come by one last time to say goodbye.  My 2013 Zero DS died last year and it took me over a year to get over the anger. The super short story is that half a year after I bought it, I started havin… ...

New 2018 11kW Zero models announced

I thought this was kind of interesting as an effort to expand Zero's European market sales.  I bet it didn't cost Zero much to implement, either.  But pricing for a bike aimed at learners could be an issue, even with government subsidies: https://elect… Go to Source

What do we want for 2019?

I figure that with Zero it is never too early to start moaning about what we would like to see in the way of their future models. (Although my guess is that they likely already have the 2019 models pretty much worked out by now.)  Anyway, I'll start my… Go to Source