Zero 2018 DSR review

Another great video from The Missenden Flyer.  He's got one on long term test so we can look forward to an in depth review in a few weeks time. Go to Source

Small bag to fit into 2017 DS tank trunk

I bought a 2017 DS two month ago and was looking for a small bag that fits into the tank trunk. I went on and after some research ordered five different small cross body bags, also called sling bags. I returned four of them and kept this… Go to Source

Can’t commit changes to custom drive settings on 2013S with new firmware

Ever since my last firmware update I haven't been able to save the regen/torque/top speed setting in the custom mapping. I've just been using sport mode 100% of the time now, but I want to return to 100% torque, 100% speed, 100% regen. Has anybody else… Go to Source

The last Confederate/Curtiss IC motorcycle

Here it is: From now on we should be seeing nothing but electric-powered models.  Go to Source

Brammo Enertia Plus 2013 on eBay Go to Source

Weather proofing electrical connections?

Hi all, I just become the proud owner of a 2017 Zero S  Reading this forum helps making the jump šŸ™‚ I am located in Belgium, where weather goes from nice sun to cold snow and also… Rain. I noticed that actually a lot of the electrical connection … Go to Source

Currently have a Honda but want a Zero

I apologize in advance for the wall of text. I currently own a 2016 Honda CRF 250 L and I am paying on it monthly and have about a year and a half left. I really want a 2018 zero fx.  Iā€™m trying to figure out how I can make my dream of having this ...

Playing with my XU MBB

My 2012 XU decided to stop doing regen again this winter, so faced with a long wet weekend I got an OBD2 connector and hooked it up to a USB-serial adaptor using the info from http:/… Go to Source

transmission vent?

Is there a transmission vent on the Empulse R, if so, where is it? Go to Source

What do you do to secure your Empulse from being stolen?

What do you do to secure your Empulse from being stolen?   I have a disc lock and was thinking about a grip lock also. Go to Source