FXS EEE Error Code on Startup

Hey guys, I have a 2016 FXS that just started giving me a EEE code after the normal startup sequence.I.E. I turn the key and the dash displays 111,222,333,444,555,666,777,888,999, then EEE before going to the normal display. I tried to attach a short… Go to Source

elcon charger 2500 for zero moto s 2013

I'm looking for someone that sell an elcon charger 2500w tune for zero moto s 2013 or another charger model with the same outpout capacity. I have called hollywood electric but they don't sell this charger anymore. I don't want to buy a zero moto 2017-… Go to Source

Let’s See Some Pics!

I'm especially looking forward to seeing if anyone has done any custom painting of their bike, but let's see them pics of your bikes. I've ordered the red bodywork for my '18 SR, and am trying to figure out what color (or pattern) to paint the stock w… Go to Source

Gas Gas electric trial motorcycle

This is interesting.  Who knew that trials was going electric and Gas Gas was selling a competition model to the public:  https://electricmotorcycles.news/gasgas-presents-the-new-txe-electric-trial-motorbike/ Go to Source

Has anyone changed the gearing on a 2011 S?

Some background: The fastest I've gone on my Zero is 62 MPH. That was for a few seconds when the wind was right and I was going down from an overpass. Realistically, the top speed is about 55 MPH. But…  Tonight I raised the back wheel off the… Go to Source

2016 DSR 13

I am seriously considering buying a demo 2016 DSR. I guess my main concern on the warranty being about gone would be the on board charger. Do the after market chargers work independent of the factory charger if there is a issue with it? Any other issue… Go to Source

Updated app on Android

Just got an update to the app on Android. Unfortunately I am 3,000 miles from my Zero so I won't be able to report anything until I'm back home on Sunday. Go to Source

Excerpt from Brandon (diginow supercharger):

Quote Yup, if you are in San Jose we can do the upgrade for you. The Brammo install is not safe for DIY as the brammo has no real safety features in it. It is a dangerious install, but we have done it before. The last Brammo we upgraded rode from Carm… Go to Source

Steering stem bearing replacement (’14-’17, all models)

During my recent fork-revalving work I noticed very serious detenting of the steering bearings, to the point where the bars would snap into the detented positions like they were spring-loaded.  The last thing I needed was the added work of a steering b… Go to Source

43 miles range, 45 mile trip. Its Winter!

I've got very close to having to push my 2014DS, but I've always managed to crawl home. Not yesterday! I guess two years of riding made me think I knew it all…  😉 The lesson I learnt is to pay less attention to what the reported charge level is and… Go to Source