Trouble Charging SR with Chargetank on Volta?

When plugging in the charge tank, should the dash respond the same as it does when you plug into a standard household outlet? Do you have to download a Volta app or something? The free Volta EV charging station across the street didn't work when I plu… Go to Source

H-D says they will market an electric motorcycle in 18 months

Here is the latest.  Note the adjectives "premium" and "no compromises".  Considering it is H-D, that sure sounds expensive to me, which may get them some good press (the Livewire story made the CBS national news last night), but probably not all that … Go to Source

storage box for DS and SR

HI,With two rubber cap i have do a storage box on the DS frame.Usefull for adapter , wires or hot dog !rubber cap:link for buy:… Go to Source