Newbie Question on Diginow

Hi there,I am about to pick up a 2017 Zero DSR .I am thinking of adding a power tank for greater range but i still want fast charging It seems the Diginow is the solution to go with but is this still true if my tank is already spoken for with the … Go to ...

Replacing clutch plates

Has anyone on here replaced clutch plates on an Empulse before? Wondering if there is any special differences between this and a regular ICE bike clutch. Go to Source

Backup communication for Zero owners

So the forum has been down here for the last few days and now is back up. 6 years ago it was here and that people talked about Zero's but lost a lot of peoples trust when in 2009 or 2010 the entire site and all its posts and conte… Go to Source

Givi Monokey panniers and rack , Empulse

Hi Folks I have a pair of Givi Monokey V35N panniers and the monokey rack to fit an Empulse.They have been used but are still in very good condition. Depth   Width   Height   Max. Capacity           Max. Load316mm   526mm   394mm   35 Litres (each)   10kg (each) mor… Go to Source

Honda Riding Assist-E

An article in the latest issue of Motorcycle Consumer News describes the new Honda Riding Assist-E (catchy title, huh?). It is described as an "electric vehicle with a low center-of-gravity and very low seat height". However, its claim to fame i… Go to Source

H-D invests in Alta Motors

Here are a couple of interesting articles regarding Alta Motors published by Revzilla:… Go to Source

Fastace gas shock BFA01AR

Searched the forum for information to no avail. Is this a possible replacement for the 2014 S (260mm) ?… Go to Source

Zero’s new Euro touring DS

Zero has announced a new touring DS for the European market.  It has lots of funky accessories attached, which look quite useful but are going to do nothing for the bike's aero drag numbers, as you can tell from their claimed range numbers.  Here is th… Go to Source

Cold weather behavior/ SoC state

Hi all, As said in some other post, I am new owner of a Zero S 13kWh w/o PT. Since I received the bike (2 weeks ago) temperatures here in Belgium are 0°C and below. Here are some behavior I noted/wanted to know if it feels normal.– Range is around 15… Go to Source