Is the battery in the Zero FX modular easy to remove and charge at work?

Unfortunately Zero doesn't have a lot of info on their website other than some coarse-grained specs, at least that I could find. I live and work in a city and only have street parking as an option.   Any E-bike I get would have to have a portable batte… Go to Source


Hello everyone. This is my last attempt before giving up. Contacted Brammo, Polaris, Valance, Victory, old Brammo employees, Ashland Electric Bicycles, solar experts, etc. Bike was ridden down to 5% battery. When I went to recharge it, it says "CONNECT… Go to Source

Your opinions please: My next bike

I've had my 2014DSP for well over two years now. It's still under warranty until Jan 2019, due to the amount of time, cost, effort and inconvenience I had to suffer when the bearings in the rear wheel failed. Despite a few issues I've had with the bike… Go to Source

Zero is all over the front page of today!!!

They're featured for a positive anti-theft test in the UK, Remo Klawitter's electric 24-hour distance record, and there's a story about an expected explosion in electric bike sales in the next five years.Nice to see Zero dominate the news cycle with g… Go to Source

New bike – new problems

Hi, I am new here, having my SR MY2018 for a week. First impression – AWESOME !  But… during my trip back home I rode the battery to 0% and had 175km with 48Wh/km = 8,44kWh used. Well, the dealer said it will go up after few battery cycles. After 2 … Go to Source

Slider caps for axles and other exposed parts?

After a dumb low speed drop of a model S, Looking for a bit of protection. Go to Source

Helmet Lock Installation on DSR

I thought I would share my helmet lock installation on my DSR with others.  I located the lock on the left side of the frame and positioned it so that the chin guard on my full face helmet would clear the side rack and I would have access from the back… Go to Source

New Firmware Moto ZERO S

Hello,I just received my new Moto Zero S 14.4KW last Saturday. After downloading the smartphone application I noticed that there were 2 new firmware available. One for the management of the battery (29-> 30) and the other for the dashboard. (22-> 23)… Go to Source

bent brake lever

2018 S. Dope-slap worthy fall at 4 mph, too much throttle on a slick surface, went down on the right side and bent the brake lever. Lever is still usable. Brakes seem to work fine. J Juan brakes, but not sure if that has anything to do with the lever. … Go to Source

brake pads

Happy to say that my '09 Enertia is still running with 27000 miles. But the shop that does my brakes can't remember what they put on last time and the part number has worn off. I called Hollywood Electrics, Polaris, and Bartells, and nobody knew. Does … Go to Source