Planning 1st 250mi trip in North/Central CA…

…and I was hoping to get some advice on two items: 1). I'm totally new to J charging: what's the most versatile/convenient charging network to have between SF and Carmel? 2). Anyone have suggestions for a good place to buddy charge somewhere around S… Go to Source

Replacement of MBB

What is MBB( MAIN BIKE BOARD) exactly? Can we replace it with any another device? Is it connector or something else? Or it is a device which stores data from BMS, CONTROLLER and all? Can someone give me link or details about MBB description or working? Go to Source

Plug the Victory Level 2 EVSE uses?

Just wondering if anyone has the Victory branded Level 2 240V EVSE and what kind of plug does it have?  14-30P?  14-50p?  etc… Go to Source


I am trying to create my own model similar to ZERO S, but I stuck with pins of KOSO DISPLAY. I want to know about the signals at all 16 pins, for example at 16th pin 13.5 volt supply is given and the 14th pin is common/ground. Please tell me about othe… Go to Source

Is the 2012 UX Battery same as the recalled DS battery puoches?

I have 2012 DS ZF9 that I am upgrading to a 2018 FXS ZF7.2. My friend has a 2012 XU and he ask me if there would be a recall on his bike soon too. I said it must be because the have the same battery pouch setup. Is this a true statment??? Go to ...

Zero DS/DSR lowered?

Factory lowered suspension options are offered by many manufacturers. Some motos have popular aftermarket options. Anyone know of a Zero DS lowering option? "I don't need it and therefore neither do you" would not be a helpful response. Go to Source

Experience with English ElectricMotorCo?

I'm thinking of buying some supercharging goodness via, and I'm wondering if anyone here has any experience with them? Alec has been very helpful on email, so I don't really have any reason to think they … Go to Source

Cleaning paint of a red Zero tank

Some.. person, shall we say.. splattered white paint on my bike while it was parked at the office. Any recommendations for cleaning the red tank to remove the paint? Go to Source

Angel GT

Has anyone used Pirelli Angel GTs on the Zero? They seem to be only available in somewhat bigger width (120 vs 110 and 150 vs 140), but I heard they should still fit. As the Angel GTs get many favorable reviews, I would be interested to hear what are y… Go to Source

2018 Zero DSR/Charge Tank review

Here is a review of the 2018 Zero DSR with a Charge Tank installed, published by  It includes lots of text and a video for those that don't like to read.… Go to Source