Calex charger failed

Hello everyone I had a problem today with my original calex charger for the second time in 2 years! I put the iec c13 on the bike and a clack is heard. I tested again and my AC breaker cuts off as I connect the C13 plug to the bike.I sent the newspape… Go to ...

How to mount motorcycle tires

Here is a link to a useful video showing how to mount motorcycle tires the easy way.  If you mount your own tires, this will be an interesting video to watch:[url=… Go to Source

Saddle bags on FXS

I have a very occasional use of saddle bags and I wanted a cheap and simple solution to add some carrying volume. You can search on internet for "SA-212 Komine Saddle Bag", and you will find this pair of bags for less than 40€.If they are not sold wi… Go to Source

Refuel Track Event

Just learned about this Refuel track event.  It's a trackday at Laguna Seca where EV owners can take their EVs and ride them on the track at Laguna Seca.  There is a Time Trial event you can participate in also.  I might go try it out, set a laptime fo… Go to Source

The state of the industry article

Here are a few words regarding the state of the electrical motorcycle industry this year and each of the major brands in the market. The author is clearly enamored with Zero, though:… Go to Source

Advice; bike in the shop since March; Zero and dealer pointing fingers

   My 2016 FXS has been in the shop since March 22nd for warranty work.  The dealer says Zero keeps asking for more data.  Zero says the dealer has not answered their calls.  I talked to both on the phone last Friday.  The dealer said that they sent ye… Go to Source

Vortex generators

A lot of us have windscreens and other fairing pieces attached to the bike. Helmet buffering is a bit of a problem on my fairing and as far a I know most windscreens are pretty loud. An old solution are those lips(or [url=… Go to Source

Quiet Helmet Options

I was riding through the mountains and the bike started making a strange noise. It sounded like valves tapping (ICE flashback). After much investigation, I discovered that it was my untucked shirt  flapping in the breeze and touching the tank plastics…. Go to Source

18" Madstad windscreen for sale

 I have an 18' Madstad windscreen for sale. This is the screen only; if interested, you  need to contact MadStad to get a price on the bracket. Why I'm selling: I'm 5.'8" which put me at the top-end for their 18" screen, which is what I ordered. After … Go to Source

Fix for Stuck Contactor and No Power

Well I was really bummed out the other day when suddenly my 2017 DSR had no power and was completely dead when I turned on the key.  I had just had the 600 mile motor commissioning performed the day before and rode the bike to work like I normally do. … Go to Source