Fix for Stuck Contactor and No Power

Well I was really bummed out the other day when suddenly my 2017 DSR had no power and was completely dead when I turned on the key.  I had just had the 600 mile motor commissioning performed the day before and rode the bike to work like I normally do. … Go to Source

electric motorcycle (FX/FXS) beginner questions

Hello, I (male/6'1"/210lb) did do a 2-day motorcycle training class with license test in 2011, but I just never had time or resources to get started. So I'm pretty much a total motorcycle beginner, but I think with an electric motorcycle I will be fine… Go to Source

Riding a 2012 Zero S EV to Terra Del Fuego

I think you will find this short video interesting, even if the rider rode a Zero instead of a Brammo: Go to Source

600 Mile Service

I took my new 2017 DSR to the dealer yesterday for the 600 mile service.  BTW, my dealer is Electronic Art located near downtown Cincinnati.  They have been great to work with and I highly recommend using them for a new purchase or servicing. I told th… Go to Source

Has anybody hoisted their bike yet?

And by that I mean not jacking it up for maintenance but like with a proper crane and all. The manual doesn't mention it but I guess the best way might be to put the straps through either the hole on the swingarm or beneath the seat and a sturdy point … Go to Source

I want to buy original accesories for Brammo Enertia Plus

Hello everyone,I would like to buy the following original accessories for Brammo Enertia Plus:– Brammo central stand– Brammo windshield– Givi side cases including holdersIt does not have to be new, just used if it is in good condition.Do not you … Go to Source

Eco Mode on DSR Practically Useless

I have a 2017 DSR and the Eco mode is so under powered it is essentially useless.  This is especially noticeable when accelerating from a standing stop.  The acceleration is so restricted, the bike can barely get out of its own way. When I had my FXS, … Go to Source

Valence batteries for sale

First off I am not associated with the sellers, I just noticed these and thought brammo owners may be interested, thunderstruck motors has valence 12v cells for sale in the garage sale section of the website, I believe these were used in the enertia, m… Go to Source

Parker/Brammo GVM142 motor and Sevcon Gen 4s

Motor was bought from a Brammo employee to be used on a dirt bike project but it's time to focus on other projects so it's time to sell. The GVM142 is the motor used on the Brammo Empulse. The motor is used but in great condition and was inspected at t… Go to Source

Belt fail after 36 thousand miles

My 2015 DS belt failed after 36 thousand miles. Luckily I noticed the issue before it snapped. Lot's of missing teeth. It was a bit loose so probably my fault for not checking tension in a while. Luckily I had a spare belt from my old 2012 DS which wor… Go to Source