Hazard lights

I found a way to get the hazard light funtionality on the Empusle.(very convenient for lane spliting in my case) Find the two blue wires from the turn signallights behind the headlight.they are connected with simple connectors.Connect those 2 with a… Go to Source

Zero App question

I have an older version of the Android app installed because the newest version never updates the "Range to Empty" display (it always shows "0").  However, after the latest firmware update on the bike, the "Range to Empty" now shows RIDICULOUS numbers … Go to Source

Licemce plate holder

since the German plat holder is huge I would like a smaller bracket for my Dutch plate.I'm not inclined to put the saw to it. I have seen on photo that the standard US one is a lot smaller. Where can I still get those? Go to Source

CSC City Slicker

Saw this on Revzilla.  I've actually ridden their RX3 Cyclone 250cc ADV bike before and I've visted their store in Azusa, California.  It's basically an electric grom.  That sure would make a sweet pit bike! [url=https://www.revzilla.com/common-tread/c… Go to Source

Firmware versions and issues. #firmwaregate

Hi everyone!  It was suggested to me to make a post and thread regarding firmware issues where we can hopefully amass information and experiences to find a permanent resolution. My experiences are as follows:    November 2016 – firmware updated at Holl… Go to Source

Buying a 2018 FX, questions about battery options and tires.

Hey everyone, I did a little searching and didn't find the answers so hopefully these aren't already discussed to death. I'm buying a 2018 FX and one of the things I'm trying to decide is if I want the 7.2, or the moduler 3.6 with an extra battery.  In… Go to Source

Need Voltage Meter Recomendation

I've been reading a lot about problems with the accuracy of the SOC and miles remaining gauges on the Zero and in the app and that we should only trust an accurate voltage meter to determine actual SOC, so I'm wondering what folks out there are using. … Go to Source

Diginow Supercharger 2.5!!

First off… wow. Exactly what my nitpicks were, addressed. It now turns the bike on itself and talks via CAN… so it will know if the battery is getting hot, etc… and then you can throw caution to the wind and get 3C charging if you're into tourin… Go to Source

Fast charging options – it’s probably under my nose here somewhere

Sorry if I've missed this elsewhere on this forum.For the current models, aside from the expensive charge tank option, what other options are available that are practical for charging on the go? Can Zero's $600 "quick charger" be adapted to work with … Go to Source

Unbolting Clutch Slave Cylinder to Change Counter sprocket

I was looking at the steps to replace the countersprocket in the service manual and it says you need to unbolt the hydraulic line going to the clutch slave cylinder to remove the slave cylinder.  Is this really necessary?  I'd rather not refill and ble… Go to Source