Bluetooth pairing issues

I bought an used 2016 Zero FXS the latest firmware is installed. I tried to pair it with my android phone and it dosn't work. The app dosn't find the Zero and when use the System bluetooth menu i find a bluetooth device with the name RN-IAP-XXXX XXXX i… Go to Source

Valence battery disassembled

Interesting instructions for Valence battery service: Brammo Enertia has another type (U1-12XP), but I think it will look very similar inside the battery. Go to Source

Brammo battery presentation

I found an interesting presentation of the Brammo batteries: Go to Source

Brammo Photographs Through the Years

I just received the .pdf file linked below from Adrian Stewart, who in turn received it from Charles Lee, Brammo employee and amazing photographer. Lots of fun looking through the photos, seeing familiar faces, remembering major milestones.  I hope you… Go to Source

IET Gear Ratio

6-Speeds, manually shifted Foot Pedal– Drive Sprocket: 14T ISO520• Primary: 35T/59T• 1st: 14T/30T• 2nd: 16T28T• 3rd: 20T/29T• 4th: 22T/27T• 5th: 24T/25T• 6th: 20T/19T from the IET site, I think this is for the Empulse.[url=… Go to Source

Can’t enable some Tesla chargers

Hello all,I have a Tesla charge adaptor, with a separate switch to toggle between "vehicle present" and "enable charge" states. It has worked for me well at the 3 (public) places with Tesla plugs that I normally frequent.I know at some point Tesla ch… Go to Source

Aftermarket Sprockets

I did a bunch of searching and there wasn't much info on an aftermarket rear sprocket for our bikes.  I know Polaris sells the OEM rear sprocket but I would like change my gearing.  Also I'm in the US so I'd prefer something available in the US. I know… Go to Source

UK Fully Charged Show Anyone going? It's this weekend. Go to Source

steering damper for model S ?

Hi all, I am considering adding a steering damper to my 2014 model S, due to very bad roads here and some bad wobbles that I have (thankfully very rarely) experienced. Has anyone added some sort of universal steering damper to a model S that they like?… Go to Source

fast charging at RV parks and melted 50 amp plugs

Hi all, I am happy to take many more trips on my Zero and this past year I often charge at 7-9.5kW either at home or using the NEMA 14-50 plugs for 240V 50Amp service used in RV parks. At home I have no problems with the plug heating, but at 3 differen… Go to ...