using j1772 for fxs in canada???

hi everybody i just bought a 2018 zero fxs. and I want to take adventage of all the j1772 plug in my city for is my question: with a adapter from , can I power one or more quick chargers? I know they can take 220… Go to Source

How to ride modular Zero FX with only a single battery

I have a modular 2016 FX and I'd like to try riding it with only one power pack to reduce the weight.  I tried removing one power pack but upon turning the key it gave me 2 quick flashes of the warning light followed by one quick flash, which in the ma… Go to Source

Charging Fuse Box Almost Catch Fire

I'm from portugal and about 1 year bought the brammo, unfortunately I had some problems but they were solved. But this time it was serious, the charging fusible box almost catch fire!!! Can anyone help why this happens? Thank you Good Curves Go to Source