How far can you push an EV Battery

interesting reading about formula-e battery …. Giacomo Go to Source

Zero S 11K curious

(UK based)I should start by saying that I haven't ridden a motorbike since 1986! However the prospect of a job in town and the commute that it would entail started me down a path of discovery.  CBT course is booked for next Monday morning, so I'll be … Go to Source

Big news about its future from H-D [url=… Go to Source

Father/Son duo with no knowledge of this 2012 Zero XU, battery options?

Hello from Texas! I recently acquired what appears to be a very low mileage 2012 XU with apparent battery death. I grabbed the bike for my son knowing NOTHING about electric motorcycles, but being a pretty skilled motorcycle mechanic. Guess what.. 40+ … Go to Source

Sunday Morning Ride

Nothing like an early Sunday Morning Ride. I've had the bike a little over 5yrs now and I'm slightly under 15,000 miles. Bike is doing well but I need some new grips.  Go to Source

Want to buy empulse r rear wheel

If anyone had a rear wheel for sale please contact me. Looking for 17×5.5 wheel.Thanks Go to Source

Looking for a job?

Maybe the home of the hog is the place for you: Go to Source