Monolith Power Tank question

I’m running a 14 SR w/PTMain battery is an 11.4 kwh (nominal). Usable is probably about 10kwh.PT = 2.5 kwh13.108 kwh = pre-PT failing The PT is failing.Should I remove it?Unofficial manual – I didn’t find anything there. Cost to replace = likely $… Go to Source

any ideas: license plate frame?

I've been using the dealer supplied frame. Any ideas/photos of something better? Go to Source

Yet another dumb newbie question

I have the lower of the two optional displays set to “trip 2”. I read the online manual correctly, but their instructions regarding reset don’t seem to work. How do I reset the trip meter(s)?Thanks Go to Source

Does anyone know what wheels fit a 2016 empulse tt?

Looking for aftermarket wheels for 2016 empulse tt. Anyone know the specs needed or what other model wheels fit this bike? Thanks for any input. Go to Source

Clip-Ons and the risers Zero Cafe moto?

Hi Saw on the Wiki, What is the brand of the clip-Ons and the risers intalled on Zero Cafe moto? I sent a mail to the contact but I haven't … Go to Source