Do all S, DS racks fit all model years?

So, earlier this year I bought a 2016 SR. Recently I bought a used rack for the S, DS model line. It lines up with the top bolt holes and the seat mounting holes just fine. But what are the small threaded lugs that are welded to the side of the flat st… Go to ...

How reliable is a Zero FX from 2017?

First of all, hello, I am from Germany, and I have always been commuting with an ebike (which was close to a motorbike hehe). Now I am planing to upgrade and buy a Zero FXS from 2016 or Zero FX from 2017 (preferably this one). I know the forum is full … Go to Source

Victory Empulse TT Parts

Was poking around the Victory website and sadly all the motorcycle sections are gone now.  They don't even show an Empulse in the background picture.  Anyway I saw you can order parts for the Empulse TT at the link below.  Just put 2017 Empulse TT and … Go to Source

Where do you carry your registration?

I'm thinking the tube in the back of the frame?  Be nice to get some male plugs that would fit, perhaps even black ones…  Since the seat doesn't remove easily I don't want to carry it under there like I do with my ICE bikes.  Suggestions? Go to Source

147.6 miles on a single charge today

Today I rode my Zero S with PT from my home in Pacifica to Big Basin State Park and returned via the coast highway, a trip of 147.6 miles on my instrument display – or 168 miles on the Zero app.  I arrived home with the battery pack showing 0%. I w… Go to Source

ZERO throttle response on highway – Electro motor resets itself – ZERO DS MY13

Unfortunately a not so happy reason for joining the forum today (have been reading for a while since I bought a second hand Zero DS MY13 in July, thank you all for sharing years’ worth of experiences!) My Zero DS shut down completely on the highway las… Go to Source

An odd letter from my dealer

Yesterday I received a letter from my dealer wishing me a happy one-year anniversary since I bought my 2018 Zero 10 months ago.  The letter reminds me to perform regular maintenance on my Zero. (It's last full service was at 600 miles about 6 month… Go to Source

Another firmware update lands on my 2018 S

I just updated my bike's BMS from version No. 31 to No. 34 on my 2018 Zero. The process took about 30 minutes and at the end of that time period, my phone said that the update had "timed out", that the firmware update had failed and to try updating aga… Go to Source

Zero Bike Questions

I just recently considered the purchase of a electric motorcycle and the only maker that stands out is Zero.I looked through all the specs and am vary impressed with the acceleration, torque, and capacity in an electric bike. I only have two questions… Go to Source

I’m looking (again) at Zero motorcycles — is the company still viable?

I'm back to looking at Zero motorcycles.  Is the company still viable?  I don't see any news of their imminent demise but I think you guys would know best from personal experience with your dealerships.  I would not want to spend $18K and have the comp… Go to Source