An Electric Ducati?

I am not holding my breath until this happens, in spite of what the article tries to promote.  Just check out the included video. You can start watching at minute 6.     [url=… Go to Source

Gogoro and Yamaha team up for battery swappable scooter Thats pretty nifty I know in San Francisco they have Scoot electric scooters but this takes it one step farther with battery swapping stations. Go to Source

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Battery age symptoms

As you all know, EV manufacturers, such as Zero, are always stating the expected life of their battery packs by giving either miles ridden or by the number of recharges (such as 1200 for Energica or 3000 for Zero) before the battery pack declines to 80… Go to Source

Need some advice on purchasing my first bike

Hi all, I'm looking at a few options right now to purchase as my first bike (I've stubbornly chosen on principle to avoid ICE engines in any future purchase haha ) I'm wondering if you guys can give me a heads up on what to look out for. I definit… Go to Source

May be losing my closest dealer

I was just given a "Head's Up" that my local dealership may be ending their relationship with Zero due to the poor support the factory provides in regards to timely deliveries and even returning service-related calls.  This isn't good news, and I'm sur… Go to Source


So I have a 6 month old '17 S and I took it on a long ride this weekend (120 miles) and when I was going back I started getting a fairly substantial electrocution through the right foot peg.  So much that I couldn't ride it home and had to pick it up i… Go ...

12V loss of most of dash functions and all lights

So I saw my 13 dash with it's charge bars and analog RPM gauge reboot while riding down the road.  It happened so quick I thought it was odd but no harm done and it didn't happen again, that day.Today I saw it happen again and again with it going out … Go to Source

Speed limits, traffic speed, and trip planning – resources?

  We all know that our range is highly dependent on speed.  When looking at a new route, I've found it pretty challenging – near impossible – to find what the speed limits of the roads are using mapping software.  It will give a time and distance, so a… Go to Source

System Fault B6 – BMS Not Communicating

Hello everyone, Yesterday afternoon, when I was driving on my Brammo Enertia Plus (production year 2013, 8000 km on the speedometer), the B6 error message suddenly appeared on the display. Then I could not accelerate and the motorcycle stopped. Fortuna… Go to Source