On board computer failure

I have a Zero DSR2017. New and have had it since about June. I’ve had it in the shop about a half dozen times to have “the dealership diagnose the problem” because they won’t allow you the tools to do that on your own. They can find nothing wrong on th… Go to Source

New FX owner

Just got my first EV, a 2018FX.  Took a demo ride this summer and was blown away how fun this bike was.  Sold a couple of ICE bikes and bought that same demo bike.  Still can’t get over what a different experience this is than the last 40yrs of riding … Go to Source

Some "Stupid" DigiNow questions

Since I can't seem to find a "FAQ" on these things, and everybody here already seems to magically know everything there is to know about them: 1) Do I have to carry a bunch of adapters with me to use one if I were to have the new bellypan unit installe… Go to Source

Looking for a compact Mennekes-Jplug adapter for Zero’s with charge tanks

So the Charge Tank in Europe currently still has a J-plug input while Mennekes is the standard here. No problem with 99% of the chargers that require to use your own cable anyway but quick chargers have the Mennekes lead already on the charger. There … Go to Source

Good news for users confronted to service refusal after commercial warranty

It is a common trick for makers to let customer think that after the commercial warranty (5 years for Zero), you are basically responsible for your problems. Of course, this is totally false : you are entitled for a compensation if the motorbike has pr… Go to Source

Diginow 2.5 Bellypan delivered in Europe !

From june, the waiting game has ended:   https://www.facebook.com/groups/zmcowners/permalink/1954290271306838/ Go to Source

Need Andersen extension cable

I have a couple Elcon 2500s that I put in an old Givi E45 topbox. Unfortunately, the Y-connector is now about 6" too short to reach the socket behind the motor. Is there anywhere I can get an extension with the necessary Andersen plugs and CANBUS wirin… Go to Source

Trouble shooting a 2011 xu

Bike has sat in a pole barn in South Georgia for a few years.  Just had battery rebuilt/replaced.  Upon turning key, Bike comes alive (dash) and battery area makes a rapid clicking noise.   Tat tat tat tat.  No throttle response.  Mileage shows 99.3 t… Go to Source

a charger that can’t adjust voltage and current, is it compatible?

Hello, everyone,I have a charger that provides 116V and I would like to try to connect it to zero fx 2015. Who provides the charger tells me that it can not adjust voltage and voltage: is it compatible with the Zero anyway or you risk doing damage? Is… Go to Source

Cyssko Empulse Stuntrider

I've been following this dude on Instagram lately.  He's a professional stunt rider and rides an Empulse.  He performs for Cirque du Soleil also.  Pretty cool seeing an Empulse used for stunting.  Here's a couple of his posts. [url=https://www.instagra… Go to Source