a charger that can’t adjust voltage and current, is it compatible?

Hello, everyone,I have a charger that provides 116V and I would like to try to connect it to zero fx 2015. Who provides the charger tells me that it can not adjust voltage and voltage: is it compatible with the Zero anyway or you risk doing damage? Is… Go to Source

Cyssko Empulse Stuntrider

I've been following this dude on Instagram lately.  He's a professional stunt rider and rides an Empulse.  He performs for Cirque du Soleil also.  Pretty cool seeing an Empulse used for stunting.  Here's a couple of his posts. [url=https://www.instagra… Go to Source

help with vin decode

I have just imported a bike into NZ and im having trouble with our transport agency decoding the vin number of the bike. Does anyone have any info or pictures of the vin number and the meanings of the brammo? cheers Go to Source

Wider brake peg

Hi everyone, I don't know about you but I find the brake peg on my 2018 SR to be a little too far inboard.  I looked at adapting a H-D peg but came up with this $2 solution instead. Tools:– 5mm Allen wrench– anti-seize or multipurpose grease Material… Go to Source


https://www.motocynical.com/blogs/2018/12/9/are-electric-motorcycles-a-sin-heres-4-reasons-to-get-one Go to Source

DSR Frigid Storage Question

I just moved to WI and am currently storing my 2017 DSR in a detached, unheated garage.  So far this winter the lowest temps have been in the high teens during the night, but in late Dec- mid-Feb temps as cold as -30 are possible.   Is there any chance… Go to Source

Doesn’t want to hit 35 MPH. What’s wrong?

I haven't ridden my 2011 S for a few weeks. Today was nice and I took it out. Between 29 MPH and 35 MPH, the motorcycle coughs and sputters for a second, like it's having trouble getting gas, and then it loses all power. The throttle won't respond. The… Go to Source

Cold / Winter "long term" storage question

Just bought a 2015 SR 12.5 last week.  It is parked in my unheated but attached garage.  It's cold, but not frigid.  Battery is about 90%, but it's also 30 degrees outside.  Instructions read: > For long term storage (>30 days) of your motorcycle, you … Go to Source

Vanity Plates

I've seen "kik-gas", any others? Go to Source

Fixing the "flying magnet in the engine issue" / low mileage engine broke

All, I had several issues on my Zero (firmware, main board, tires, belt, battery,…), that the dealer could solve (often by keeping the bike a couple of weeks/months), but the last one is really a tricky one : very shortly after hearing noises seeming… Go to Source