Zero S front rotor warp

2018 S 7.2, purchased last Feb. When brand new, the front brake had a bit of tick tick tick when braking hard but tolerable. It got worse during the first 2k, clearly a warped rotor after 1 k and progressed to plus minus unsafe at 2k. Zero to their cre… Go to Source

Sur Ron Electric Dirtbike

So I've always wanted an electric dirtbike but they're so much $$$$.  The Alta sit's over $10k and the Zero FX is about $10k.  The size of the Alta is a bit intimidating also it's a pretty tall bike.  Then I saw one of these a Sur Ron.  It's a Chinese … Go to Source

Zero CTO Expects Sales Surge (Motorcycle News article) Go to Source

High beam intermittent for a while, now failed

The high beam on my FX 7.2 lasted 2 weeks before it only worked intermittently before failing completely.  The bulb is fine.  The fuses are fine.  It seems to be connected OK.  Are there any suggestions before I try to carefully trace the high beam wir… Go to Source

Coming in 2019: The e-Qooder Go to Source

UBCO electric off-road utility motorcycle

You might find this article interesting:×2-elect… Go to Source