Empulse Front Sprocket

I have about 12k miles on my 2013 Empulse and Im about due for a chain and sprocket replacement.From the research I have done on the forum I understand that this is the sprocket to get?: [url=https://www.ebay.com/itm/JT-Heavy-Duty-Sprocket-JTF1439-14t… Go to Source

Custom Italian Zeros

Here is a link to an article showing some Zeros that have been customized by their Italian owners. (Not too sure about the first bike illustrated, though.    )   https://electricmotorcycles.news/zero-motorcycles-and-some-italian-bad-boys/ Go to Source

Dual Sport tyres on an SR ?

 I'm wondering if some of you guys ever installed Dual Sport tyres on your S or SR? I.'m planning a 2600km trip this summer and will need to cross a about 900km of gravel. Any good recommandations? Thanks Doc Go to Source

New Firmware update?

Heard a rumor over on the Facebook Zero group that a new firmware refresh was just released by Zero.  Does anyone have any information on this?  Does it resolve the wonky range/battery capacity figures displayed on the dash created by the last update? … Go to Source

Looking for a Zero rider from the Birmingham area

I'm interested in a pannier and top case set from http://www.stahlkoffer.com/ but they need access to a Zero to take measurements for the frame. If there is someone from that area that is willing to drop by that would be very appreciated!Of course cha… Go to Source

2016 Victory Empulse TT

Anyone has bitcoins burning a hole in their, ahem, virtual pocket? Not my bike, IMHO priced on the high side, alebit it's a new bike. https://houston.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2016-victory-empulse-tt/6454269120.html Go to Source

Zero 2018SR vs. 2017 Honda Fireblade

That may sound like a crazy comparison to you, but bear with me… I want to learn how to go around corners properly and would like to buy a bike that will help me do that and also be lots of fun to ride.  I also want to be able to ride for longer and ...

parts and pieces

Last summer I emailed Pyramid Plastics in the UK. They make huggers, fender extensions and other accessories for many brands (not Zero). I have their stuff on my VFR and Ducati, and I am happy with the quality. I asked if they had looked at Zero, taken… Go to Source

Restored to Life!

Glad to see the forum's back up, I was afraid I'd been banned or something. Also restored to life because I (irresponsibly) went out for a ride in the beautiful 70-degree temps on Pacific Coast Highway, despite having a broken femur and rib. SO wonder… Go to Source

Battery pack life

After experiencing what appeared to be the battery pack degrading on my 2014 Zero S with PT, I have been wondering about Zero's amazing claims regarding battery life.  On my 2014 S, they said that the battery pack should last (80% capacity) for about 3… Go to Source