battery safety interlock open

my log file gives this AIM message; Battery safety interlock open What does it mean and how to get rid of it?? Go to Source

Turn Signal Relay for LED’s 2016 DSR

I'm looking into replacing my incandescent bulbs to LED's so need info in order to procure the proper LED compliant relay.  It appears that that the relay is under the faux tank.I didn't feel like tearing it all apart to get the info so I'm hoping so… Go to Source

Another 2018 Zero model article

This one shows an original 2009 S (Not exactly exciting styling.  ) and a link to a 2010 Zero electric motorcycle "shoot out".  Unfortunately the link doesn't show any text when I give it a try.… Go to Source

What is the power bottleneck on a 2011 Zero?

This electric motor has 25 horsepower, yet this modern, electric motorcycle is slower (in both acceleration and top speed) than my ancient 1986 Honda, which has only 17 horsepower and weighs more. What is the bottleneck in the system that is limiting … Go to Source

Red blinking led battery

has Anybody anny idea what the red blinking led means on 1 of my battery's? All the others are blinking green.And more important does anybody know wha to do about it.   Go to Source

Zero resale values

I don't think this has been discussed before, but it would be interesting and informative if we could develop some experience with what various Zero models and years are actually worth and have been sold for, both as private sales and as trade-ins.  Ri… Go to Source

Software ??

Is there anybody who can help me to get software to read the log files? Go to Source

ELI5: J1772 Instead of a Printer Cord?

Wouldn't it make more sense to provide the Zero line with a J1772 charge where the current charge port is? And then provide an external adapter with the bike that can be plugged into that? I'm still waiting on my 2018 SR with both the standard charger… Go to Source

2013 Zero FX power cutting out in temps below 60 F

Hell, I really hope someone can help. My 2013 Zero FX has about 3000 miles. I've had it about a year and ever since this past fall, it acts up in colder weather. I'm in SF Bay Area so we're not talking about freezing temps. In sport mode, it cuts out c… Go to Source

2017SR or 2016SR?

I have my dear 2016SR for about one and half year now. It's been running great. I haven't had any real issue with it, and I have driven so far about 14.000km. I have just replaced the tires a second time, so they are pretty new now. Now, I got a very g… Go to ...