empty bike

my bike had a melted connector, wich i replaced. But my bike is completly empty, so the charger doesn't get a starting signal. Anybody an idea? Charge it a little bit through te 12V connection with a rc lipo charger? Go to Source

Motor Sound/Vibration during Deceleration

Hello All.My first time on the Forum and first time posting. Hoping someone out there can help me.I have a 2013/2014 Empulse.I'm hearing a sound and vibration from the bike when I come off the throttle and the motor is decelerating – as I'm off the … Go to Source

Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish every Brammo/Victory owner a Happy New Year and I hope that you can keep your bikes running long enough to see many more new years.    It is tough being an early adopter of a new technology, but I guess someone has to do it or w… Go to Source

Temp sensor reads 1202F in 5F temps

Good Morning and Happy New Year. I decided to check my storage charge on my 2017 DSR since charging it to 60% before storage. Its been about 4 weeks now since it was parked. The temps have been in the 20-30s the last couple weeks. The last week had be… Go to Source