So this is where all the Brammo parts were used for!

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State of charge stuck at 3%?

Rode my 2015 SR home the other day. Plugged it in at 17%. It now says 3%, but the LED is solid green, indicating a full charge. No errors besides the usual killswitch and kickstand errors. Tried plugging in the quick charger with the same results, it … Go to Source

PLEASE I NEED HELP, I have a new user of brammo inertia in Spain

Hello, good evening, I write from Spain. I just bought a basic enertia brammo that does not turn on.This bike is rare because it does not have the central button in the deposit, nor is it necessary to block it to load. When putting it to charge the mo… Go to Source

An electric Ural sidehack prototype

Now here is something a little different. An electric Ural sidehack. Who knew such a thing could exist.      And one that can actually exceed freeway speed limits.  [url=… Go to Source

GAS GAS TXE 2018 Launch

Heard from a local dealer that the TXE is now launched and few hundred bikes are being made. Was supposed to receive one for a test drive in this November but heard that it will arrive to Northern Europe on 2019 March the earliest. [url=https://gasgas….

FX/FXS Chain kit instructions?

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Headlamp bulb seal (aka headlight dust cover)

I just replaced the garbage LED headlight on my used '17 SR with a traditional incandescent bulb, and noticed that the assembly is missing its dust cover – I guess it's sitting in the previous owner's garage somewhere. I don't know how important it is,… Go to Source

Kymco SuperNEX 6-Speed Electric Superbike

Here's something interesting Kymco is making an electric superbike and it's got a 6 speed transmission! I used to have a Kymco Mongoose 90 ATV.  Kymco makes some great atvs and scooters.  Go to Source

2018 EICMA show video

Here is a link to a 33-minute long walk around the 2018 EICMA show: Go to Source

H-D LiveWire at EICMA

Here are the latest photos from the EICMA show. Still nothing about specifications or pricing, though: Go to Source