Potential SRF Buyer…On the fence

Hello all! I have been reading and watching reviews on the SR/F for several weeks now.  Consistently, reviewers love the bike but are troubled by the price and range.  I test drove the bike a couple weeks ago and love the concept of having an electric … Go to Source

Moto-E GP Round 1

There it is the first Moto E GP race history made.  Man they're fast and that lean angle! https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7cr0al Go to Source

On-board charger replacement options

First off, I just want to say that this is a great forum!  I’ve been lurking for a few weeks ever since I acquired a 2014 Zero S, which has been lots of fun so far.  Unfortunately the onboard charger is dead, and has been for over a year.  The previou… Go to Source

used my FX as a dirt bike

Saturday I rode sweep for a trail run event in one of Missouri's state parks on my 2017 FX.  I had removed the passenger pegs and brackets, turn signals, and kickstand.  I only have a bathroom scales but my stand sits on it nicely and the bike weighed … Go to Source

Just venting a little

it's been a little bit since I've been on here but if anyone can understand it's you guys. So I come to visit my sister in Asheville, NC. Last time I was here she's a good 30-40 min from the Blue Ridge Parkway and with my family I hate to take too much… Go to ...

EVSE cord/Charge adapter for longer trips.

I want to do some extended riding using various charging solutions.  L2 stations whenever available.  I want to be able to charge from multiple sources likeNEMA 5-15 (12 amps) HouseholdNEMA 10-30 (24 amps) My dryer outletNEMA 14-50 (40 amps) Campgro… Go to Source

More H-D Livewire news

H-D has updated the specifications for their new $30K+ Livewire electric motorcycle, including having engineered-in an idle vibration feature that lets you know it is "idling" when you are at a stop    :  https://electricmotorcycles.news/harley-davi… Go to Source

Towing the bike in the rain

Tomorrow I am off to the dealership with my SRF to get the screen replaced. It’s two states over and I am towing it on an open motorcycle trailer. It’s probably going to rain. I know the bike is technically fine to be in the rain but this is my first e… Go to Source

is the POLITICS or just a discussion on a lack of ethical corporate leadership?

Zero Motorcycles supporting BDS? certainly seems so.Israel was Zero Motorcycles #1 market for a while.  Then new senior management at Zero Motorcycles Inc began refusing orders for Israel government, delayed/stalled/deferred when not refusing dealer/d… Go to Source

A Fundraiser for Brian

I'm posting this here as I know many of you don't use Facebook but know Brian well from this forum.  The fundraising page has only been live for a little over two hours at the time of posting and yet we've raised over $2,000! I hope this makes a real … Go to Source