LSR fairings

Have any of you tried any of the LSR fairings from Airtech? The front fender in particular looks like it could be a good fit for the Zero. -Shayan Go to Source

SR/F Rear Brake Lever Position

Noob question… I've found tons of info on how to adjust brake lever position on most bikes, but I can't find instructions for the SR/F and it does not look like the videos I've seen.  I'd kill to lower the lever a bit.  After a long ride, the current… Go to Source

Safety equipment to install on a bike?

Are there any suggestions for safety equipment? I saw a recommendation for sliders but does anyone have any experience with them?  Ar… Go to Source

MotoE & the Future of Electric Motorcycles

In 2019, for the first time, electric motorcycle racing has a proper World Cup series; MotoE. So Dr Helen Czerski paid a visit to the British round of the MotoGP championship to find out where we're at with electric motorbikes, both on the road and the… Go to Source

SRF Custom Ride Mode Strangeness

I’m trying to dial in a custom ride mode on my SRF, going for sport + a little more regen and street traction. If I set it to full power, full torque and 10% each of Neutral and Brake regen the bike noticeably coasts when letting off the throttle compa… Go to Source

Empulse R for sale in germany

Hi,found this… Go to Source

Tesla Tap tested today

I have been waiting for a day with less risk of snow on the road so I could test my recently received Tesla Tap.5.8kW [img]… Go to Source

Zero SR/F Rapid Charge option

I’m considering purchasing the rapid charge upgrade, and was wondering if any fellow SR/F (Premium) owners have any (real-life) experience with it and whether it’s a recommendable upgrade. For example, does it actually live up to its promise of ~ 12 kW… Go to Source

a bit overstyled, perhaps?

Interesting styling, but a bit overdone for my taste: Go to Source

First belt issue (2018 S)

When changing my tires at my friend's house yesterday I discovered something odd.  The rubber backing on the belt was cracking and there was even a half-inch space where it had fallen off completely.  The toothed side is fine, and the carbon/kevlar fab… Go to Source