Charge Tanks / Power Tanks user-swappable?

Is swapping a charge tank or power tank a rider DIY job or must it be done at a dealer? I ask as I have a (used) 15 SR and was wondering I could be on the lookout for a user power or charge tank.  Someone not too far is selling a 16 DSR with ...

Is there a minimal temperature for batteries to perform ?

Hi folks, It is cold in my place and I was wondering if, in the morning when I get my Zero which slept outside, I have to drive slowly until the temperature of my battery raise to a minimum before going fast ?The batteries do not like when it is cold … Go to Source

2016 FXS Quit charging. New charger shuts off after a few minutes

Hi Zero folks.   I have a 2016 FXS and it has nothing but issues since I bought it. Now, it is barely out of warranty and when I went to plug it in, it wouldn't charge.   I was told that the charging module was bad.   (Green Watt Power EVC-116-720).   … Go to Source

Unofficial Manual updates based on Zero’s SRF

It seems like the SR/F analysis is pretty fast right now, so I'm making a separate topic just to track the technical knowledge and some observations. In particular, I'll also be tracking "unknowns" for the sake of soliciting owners to inspect their bik… Go to Source

2020 Zero SR/F press reviews

Just so detailed press riding reviews don't get lost in the 27+ page SR/F comment thread, I thought I would start a specific thread where detailed press riding, road test and performance reviews can be found.  Since the one published today by Motorc… Go to Source

2020 Zero SR/F review

Here is the latest and greatest (and most expensive) model from Zero.  I see a little bit of Empulse styling in it:… Go to Source

Based on SRF specs, what would you like to see in the 2020 line ? I would say: A simpler line fitting the variety of needs:     – A long range rider (SRF base, but able to go to 250 km so that you can really do rides with a 1.5 hours lunch break)     – A city rider with an … Go to Source

Good news : I see the used Zero market taking off

I recently put my Zero on sale, and I really saw a change on the market:   – couple of years ago nobody had heard about Zeros, and it was almost impossible to sell a used model. The "market" was mostly dealers selling 1-2 years demo bikes   – this ti… Go to Source

Turn signals malfunctioning

So!  Bit of a pickle here. I live in Los Angeles and there isn’t a garage for miles around that’ll touch my bike – a 2013 Empulse R – for anything beyond basic repairs, so I’m DIYing it here. A few weeks ago I left the Empulse parked outside during a d… Go to Source

LED blinkers 2013-2019 Go to Source