Severe battery degradation?

I am facing a loss in battery capacity, which is frightening me. My Zero SR16 ZF13.0 has not been used in the last 8 months. It was standing at about 80% SOC in my garage. Now I charged it to 100% and went out for a ride. Everything smooth, except the … Go to Source

does anyone rebuild zero batteries?

hi everyone,new member here. north carolina resident. seems like an active and engaging community. lots of shared knowledge. hope i can give back a little.i have a 2016 fxs. i'm installing spoked wheels using fx hubs and a husqvarna 701 like headligh… Go to Source

LSR fenders

Have any of you tried one of these Land Speed Record front fenders? Seems like a worthy try to get some aero gains withou… Go to Source

How many bikes does Zero sell? How can we tell?

USA only for simplicity. Bikes sold to the military and police departments don't count. Based on the number of dealers and demo bikes available around the country, and the used market, Zero's USA volume looks pretty small. Like a few hundred new bikes… Go to Source

iOS App for reading/setting DigiNow parameters?

I would appreciate recommendations for which iOS app folks use for adjusting their DigiNow charger settings. I have a single DigiNow v2.5 and believe it is set to charge at the usual ramp speed up to 3300W but the target battery voltage stops at 95% SO… Go to Source

What can you expect for battery life?

So one of my fellow bikers asked me this question and I began answering it with what I thought was correct information but started second guessing myself.  They asked how many years of good service can you get out of the Zero battery.  So I know batte… Go to Source

Any accessories for SR/F

Hey has anyone heard of any assessories that is or will soon be available for SR/F.  I saw a picture a while back that looked like it had some different size seats, handlebar (not sure what was different), top case and side bags.  I asked my dealer but… Go to Source

Getting parts from Zero = the bike spends 10% of the time sitting in a garage.

Hi ! I ordered parts from Zero and have been waiting for two months now. It is not the first time – I regularly had to wait 45, 60 days. Which means that the bike spent like 10% of the time sitting in a garage waiting for parts. This is not something I… Go to ...

The electrician is coming, what do I want?

Hello all, Please forgive me if this question has been answered before, I’ve read everything and remain a bit confused. I have an electrician coming next week to look at my breaker box, I have an issue with tripping my kitchen breaker. Since I am getti… Go to Source

Historic Empulse TTX at Auction – Ends Wednesday, 3/27/2019

Saw this on Facebook: Here's the auction site:… Go to Source