Convert a DSR to SR?

Hi, I have a DSR and wondering since the chassis and battery is the same as SR, if I change the plastics, suspension wheels and plastics will it convert to be like an SR? Or the chassis and batter tech different between them? Amish. Go to Source

2010 Zero DS – BMS beep code 53

Hi All, I am in the process of rebuilding my 2010 Zero DS battery using Nissan Leaf modules and would appreciate some help diagnosing BMS beep code 53. There doesn't seem to be a BMS code database for the early S/DS's, so I'm looking for any thoughts o… Go to Source

Zero fx needs help

Hi there does anyone had this sound inside the motor of a zero fx???The bike is 2015 and 10000km, bought second hand,pulley and sprocket changed and well tight….I’m afraid that a bearing inside suffered previous chain kit instalation with a chock a… Go to Source

Cheap adaptable windshield. Works well on an FXS Go to Source

Washing road salt from the bike – cautions/suggestions?

  For those that ride in northern climates, what do you do to wash the salt off?  I've read the official and unofficial user manual regarding washing – basically don't use high pressure water or harsh chemicals.    Are there particular areas to pay at… Go to Source

Zero installing old tires on new bikes?

Just noticed some serious sidewall cracking on the rear tire of my 2017 DSR. I checked the DOT stamp on the tire and the last 4 digits are 4414 meaning they were manufactured during the 44th week of 2014. Safetywise thats unacceptable! My front tire i… Go to Source

Moto-E Fire

Man that sucks   Hope they have good insurance… Go to Source

Another Premature Belt Failure

As I was riding home from work yesterday as part of my daily commute, I gave my DSR a little burst of throttle and heard the telltale snap and immediate rev of the motor.  I knew right away that I had broken the drive belt.  Luckily, it was a nice day … Go to Source

2009 Enertia Potential Purchase

Good Morning All: I have come to this forum to seek your advise and gathered wisdom! I have an opportunity to acquire a 2009 Enertia with 400 miles on it. It was originally purchased by an employee of Brammo during a period of time when they were offer… Go to Source

FX questions

I am considering purchasing an FX and would likely buy a new 2019 if it all works out.  I have had 12 ICE motorcycles and currently have KTM 350 EXC-F and 690 Duke.  I have a few questions if anyone would be so kind to respond or comment. 1.  The deale… Go to Source