Brief SR/F test ride video

With the current media ban it's hard do find any decent new sr/f footage…This one is from an ICE motovlogger whose content is so-so but it's still interesting to see/hear a non-ev rider's perspective.And besides, more sr/f sights & sounds never hur… Go to Source

New FXS or Preowned FX?

After doing my due diligence of research, both here and elsewhere. I've decided to take the plunge and buy a Zero bike. I'm stuck between 2 options however: A shiny new 2019 FXS7.2 from the dealer, costing around $11500 after taxes+licensing Or a preow… Go to Source

Fixing a leaking Zero XU 2012 rear shock

The rear shock looks oily, and the rebound is much much softer. Anybody knows how I can fix this for a reasonable price ? Any possibility to refill the rear shock ? Go to Source

Long term Ownership

Hello, Great to see such a passionate community here about ebikes. I'm trying to convince myself to shell out the $$ to join the ranks of owners but I have some questions about the long term of a bike, particularly the ZERO FXS7.2 The only way I can r… Go to Source

Changing out the c 14 inlet

My 2013 ds lost a prong on the inlet so I need to replace.  I see that the 2013 has a different connection to the charger than 2014+. Can someone point me to a video or walk through how to safely change this out. Seems like a  simple swap but I don't s… Go to ...

SR/F insurance

Progressive doesn't have the SR/F in their tables yet. Has anyone actually received a quote for the SR/F yet? Go to Source

fork seals for 2013 ds

I did the search but wondering if anyone has anything new to add. Looks like stuff is discontinued so not sure on options Go to Source

Listing of all Amp Hours for Zero batteries

I wanted to compile a reference list of all the Amp Hours for the various Zero batteries. Not the listed pack kWh or the listed Ah on the sticker, but what the bike actually sees the battery as. I can't trust the sticker per se because the 2.8kWh pack … Go to Source

Happy Earth Day! How many lbs of CO2 have you saved?

I'm not even at a half a tonne yet! Still got far to go. Go to Source

Any Zero Owners here in the UK ? – New dealer in Yorkshire checking in :)

Hi guys, My bike showroom and workshop; Not Your Average Bikes Ltd, has just this last week been appointed as the Zero Motorcycles dealer for the Yorkshire (and currently the whole North of England) region. I just wanted to introduce myself and my busi… Go to Source