Belt tension on SR/F much higher that on previous Zeros?

Hi folks, new to the EV world and this forum 🙂 Getting my SR/F delivered today. Had to go several states over to get a dealer demo and found one with 50 miles on it in the North East. Hoping I don't get a unit with bugs requiring more than a firmwar… Go to Source

2010 S motor quit today

Seems likely to be brushes, motor made a noise, smelled burning and lost all ability to move the bike. I've hooked the motor to my bench supply and get nothing. I have spare motor I can drop in so I won't be down long. Little disappointed since the odo… Go to Source


I was wondering what is the actual part of the motorcycle that overheat when you ride hard. the motor? the battery? the controler?and the temperature on the display come from what part? Go to Source

motor temperature calibration

2017 zero DSR, dash temp display is 135f in the morning when its 65F air temp. The temp rises as high as 165 during my commute, but the motor is no more than warm to the touch. Is there a way to calibrate tge sensor, or is this a dealer thing? Go to Source

Considering getting a Quick Charger from Zero

I'm considering getting a Quik charger from Zero just to have a spare off board charger in the garage in case one of the on board chargers fail.  I assume I could use it even if the on board chargers fail?  Can I use it on the FX and DSR?  Can it be u… Go ...

DigiNow end of charge – how slow does it go?

Under normal circumstances, how much does the DigiNow charger slow down as it approaches the end of a charge? The situation is that I have a single 3.3kW unit with the v2.5 controller and I am one of the unfortunate folks with a faulty unit who are awa… Go to Source

12 volt power out

I'd like to get 12V power out of the SAE connector near the head stock.  Simple enough right?  Only I want to do it with the motorcycle off, key out even.  I live up near the Camp Fire and now PG&E is being very cautious and they are turning off the po… Go to Source

New Belt

Just received a new thin belt for my 2016 SR. Just thought I would share that the belt was completely dressed (on *all* sides) in what feels like a silicon or "teflon" type lubricant, straight from Zero HQ. Also, Zero HQ doesn't seem to trust coiling t… Go to Source

speed vs. battery discharge

I wish somebody can do this for Zeros. This is for my Tesla: -Don-  Auburn, CA Go to Source

Tank Bag

I was wondering if anyone has had luck putting a tank bag on the Empulse's freakish false tank ?  I am a huge tank bag fan, have had a bag on just about every bike I have every owned, I look at the Empulse tank and just scratch my head !!!! Go to Source