Zx6r Seat and fairing

Hi Guys Done Some heavy modifications to my Brammo,what do you think of it? Go to Source

Zero wont start – no BMS Error, no dash

I was taking a weekend ride on my 2013 Zero S and stopped for groceries, when I got back to the zero, it wouldn't start up. Luckily I was just under 2 miles away from home, so I walked it home. I got home, plugged it in (it should have been about 45% b… Go ...

Do the SR/F being delivered these days still have the tank cubby lid gap?

Wondering if the few owners that have received delivery of their new SR/F can confirm if Zero has corrected or not the unsightly tank lid gap that the early units suffered from.I can't wait to have mine fixed as it is the only part that just does not … Go to Source

Zero SR/F – Newbie Charging Question

Hello all!  I am new to the forum and Electric Motorcycles in general.  I currently own a Tesla Model S and Model 3 and love the electric lifestyle.  I test drove a Zero SRF a few days ago and haven't been able to shake my desire to buy one.  I have a … Go to ...

First bug on my SR/F

Well today I went out to the bike to move it. Turned the key and nothing. Headlight turned on, but brights, blinker, horn, all electronics nothing. I heard the usual sounds so I put the kickstand up and it rode, but nothing on the screen. I plugged it … Go to Source

Charging cables burning up.

I have  2016 Zero S with 26k miles on it. For the first 2 years I didn't have any charging problems, but in 2018 I noticed the cable getting hot, especially near the receptacle on the bike. I tried cleaning the contacts, both inside the cable (with a f… Go to Source

Can anyone substantiate the rumor of a Zero FXS redesign for 2020?

I've been in the market for a Zero FXS and have been calling around to all my local dealers as well as talking to Zero themselves.   I'm have zero (hehe) luck in finding one! I forget who said it (I think one of the dealers) that Zero stopped making th… Go to Source

Empulse service in California

Hello community. I found a 2014 empulse on craigslist. I want to buy it, but I would like to know if there is anywhere/anyone that can help me service it, when the time comes or to come with me to see the bike. Is the 2014 a good model year? What shou… Go to Source

FXGP conversion

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/sJTmg2IIK24?fs=1 Go to Source

New to the Brammo Family need charger?

I bought a bike that was in an action and would not charge. it has been dead for who knows how long.I ended up charging each of the 6 batteries desperately and got the bike to turn on and road in down my ally.I can not get it to charge. I am not sure… Go ...