How do you charge your bike? (UK)

How do you charge, or plan to charge your bike? I see four options in the UK. 1. Pay full price for somebody like PodPoint to install a point at your home (I have garage and driveway). Motorcycles are not eligable for the OLEV grant, so that means £859… Go to Source

2019 DSR + Power Tank: I Think its a Keeper

Last week, I picked up the last DSR made in 2019 and opted for a Power Tank to be installed in it for additional range.  Where I live, charging stations haven't made it yet.  I rode the bike home 52 miles from the dealership and parked it feeling like … Go to Source

DSR 14.4 + Power Tank Range Discussion

There are a lot of questions about how far various Zero models can go on a charge.  I started a tracking discussion on my 2019 FX range here: Since I just bought a 2019 DSR (14.4) + Powe… Go to Source

Honda Grom EV conversion

Here is a video of a really amazing electric-drive conversion of a Honda Grom. It looks like it could have come out of the Honda factory. It appears that the Grom conversion is using Alta EV power train components. A very impressive build, although I f… Go to Source

Is There a Charging Cable for this Application?

My DSR and FX both have the standard 110 plug for slow charging only.  My work has a row of those J-plug charging stations that are free for use for employees, but they do not have any 110 outlets in the area. Is there a cable or adapter or something … Go to Source

SR/F charge adapter blinks red

Today was my third commute.  The first 2 days, I got to work, plugged in the charge adapter to the wall, observed the blue light on solid with one red blip.  I plugged in the J-1772 and the bike started charging.All was good.Today, I plugged the adap… Go to Source

SR/F observations and questions

I have owned my SR/F for 28 hours so far.  In that time I have completed 1 1/5 commutes.Yes, early in the life of a bike, but I wanted to toss out some observations. The turn signal is a switch that slides side to side.  It is located directly under t… Go to Source

2010 Brammo Enertia < 1200 miles, Lafayette, CO $2500

Bone stock, immaculate 2010 Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle with less than 1200 miles on it. Serial #121, one of the very first production runs of this bike. Never dropped, never crashed, garage kept, own by an electrical engineer.  Additional and … Go to Source

Weak Rear Brake on DSR?

I just took my new DSR out for a spin and noticed the rear brake is really weak compared to every other motorcycle I've ridden. So weak, I can't get ABS to engage.  Once I disabled ABS, it stopped better in the dirt, but will not skid the rear tire on … Go to Source

Some Zero lane splitting love from London

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