Have you recommissioned your motor?

So a few people talking about the 600 mile (and subsequent) recommissioning supposedly required for our motors. I never did mine, but will probably try it myself when my ixxat comes in. Going to the dealer is a major hassle, and they are kind of incomp… Go to Source

600mi service on SRF

It’s coming up on 600mi. I don’t want to tow (again) to dealer if not necessary (350mi each direction). What can I do on my own, if I need to do anything, for this recommended visit? Go to Source

Zero Service

Since I purchased my two Zero motorcycles in year 2017, I have been trying to get the firmware updates. Never had the first one that is required to be done at the dealer. I just now came back from Euro-Cycles here in Reno, who sells the Zeros. They sti… Go to Source

2011 Zero S , will not charge

Hello, Hope everyone is doing great. I have a 2011 Zero S that is no longer charging. The lights on the battery turn on and blink but the bike is not gaining any charge and the fuel gage is depleting instead of charging. I have tried plugging into diff… Go to Source

No Aux charging port on SR/F?

Is it true zero eliminated this port?  I'm just thinking about future, if I got a SR/F it would be with power tank. This means 6k charging is all that one could do. Could a diginow be added to controller? Go to Source

2017 DSR ZF13 with 700km – buy or no-buy?

Quite close to me a guy is selling a 2017 DSR with only 700km. The price went down in the last 2 weeks from 14k to 12k EUR. What do you think would be a fair price for this, and is it dangerous to buy an electric motorcycle that has been used that infr… Go ...

SR/F Bike Locator Feature

I know you can find your SR/F using the Zero app's remote connect feature.  It will show you on a google map where your bike is.  One thing I was wondering though is if this updates while the bike was off.  Could you use it to find it in case it gets s… Go to ...

2018 Zero S Tire Wear

My 2016 S came shod with Pirelli Sport Demon tires.  At the time of my accident I had 16,000 miles on them and I had a new set of Dunlop GPR300s ready to be mounted. The 2018 comes shod with the same tires as the SR and it appears as though they do not… Go ...

SR/F – Fun

Added Bar end mirrors and weisertechnik LED's Go to Source

SRF Protection Accessories

Its early and I know there aren’t any SRF specific parts yet but I was wondering if anyone had found handguards, crash bars, frame sliders that work for the SRF? Go to Source