Nav on the SR/F

Has anyone heard any rumblings about putting navigation on the SR/F dash? It's one of the features mentioned on the HD LiveWire. Something like wireless Apple Carplay would be awesome to use for navigating around town. Even something that uses the SR/F… Go to Source

Less Pregnant

In an effort to reduce the pregnant/gobbler look I am considering trimming the plastic piece as was done on the Pikes Peak SR/F. Any thoughts on whether exposing the controller heatsink poses any real risk? Go to Source

Identify this windscreen – FX Police Spec

Can anyone identify the windscreen featured on the police spec FX. Looks like it could be the Zero commuter screen but thought that wasn't a fit for FX. Thoughts? Go to Source

FXS with a level 2 charger?

Does anyone here own one? Seen one? Have pictures? This is about the only competitor in my market to paying up and buying an SR/F. Go to Source

Range experiment

I ran a range/economy experiment today.Rather than ride the interstate home I took a few side streets to the parks.My one way commute was 51 miles of 30-45mph roads with a fair bit of stop signs/lights.  I consumed 36% of my battery capacity.Oh, and… Go to Source

Mugen Shinden Hachi

Visor down has made some awesome videos of the latest Mugen Shinden superbike currently on it's 8th model.  Mugen has dominated the TT Zero pushing their technology further and further. Intereview with John McGuiness.  I ad… Go to Source

where to buy the cap for the protection of the socket

I took the bike to the mechanic, who in turn gave it to the car wash worker who washed it. When I picked up the bike there was no longer the cap that closes the socket of the slow recharge ac, the one that is attached with a cable so as not to lose it ...

where to find the rubbers to protect the knobs and handlebars

Bye, everybody,I have lost both the rubbers that fit into the handlebar knobs, those that protect from scratches when you lean the bike with the handlebar on the wall. My mechanic wasn't able to get them for me. do you know if you can buy them online … Go to Source

Funkiest looking SR/F East of the Mississippi river after handlebar swap

Finished installing the handlebar this weekend. Biggest delay was getting it powder coated but it was worth it waiting: The shop was able to match the sheen of the original bar perfectly and gave it an extra-thick coat. Very pleased with that side of t… Go to Source

Bonus face shield cleaning

I think that God said "Hey Vince!  Your face shield is dirty.  Let Me clean that for you"15 seconds of hard rain then dry pavement again.  I barely had time to put the bike in rain mode before it was done and I was dry by the time I got to work.  Wit… Go to ...