A $75K electric phallus

Curtiss Motors strike again.  Good luck designing a chassis that will keep that unsupported battery pack from falling off the bike.   https://electricmotorcycles.news/legendary-designer-jt-nesbitt-joins-curtiss-and-unveils-striking-new-hades-model/ Go to Source

Elcon HK-J 3300KW charger

I contacted Elcon TC to get a pre-programmed charger for the Empulse and they got back to me requesting for the following information: Quote Please confirm the information below so that we can set the charger accordingly. Please answer  the question b… Go to Source

2010 White Enertia for Sale only 1,164 Miles NO RESERVE auction ebay

Hey guys I'm finally selling her, need room in my garage for bigger and better things. Hoping someone from this forum wins the auction. Amazing condition and still has original Best Buy receipt! I was only the second owner for the last year and a half…. Go to Source

Question on L2 charging of my SR/F

Today I got to use my Blink account for the first time at Whole Foods.After a bit of fumbling with the app, I got it to start charging.4.4kWRan inside, grabbed a stromboli and a gingerale.  37 minutes later I unplugged.I did not get as much charge … Go to Source

New SR/F firmware on 7/17 anyone else?

My SR/F is currently updating to new firmware. anyone else.  any places to see what changed? Go to Source

SRF app/electronics thread, issues etc

Hey all, I’ve been playing with this SRF app and display for a while and have had a few issues, all minor, but wanted to know if anyone else had the same. Also I figured a thread that people could list these items would be helpful. 1. Not really an app… Go to Source

Alex’s Rebuild Thread – 2014 SR

This is my rebuild project.  I picked this wrecked 2014 Zero Sr up from a local guy. 15k miles.  He had purchased it at a Copart auction for a considerable amount more than I paid him for it. Was selling it because of a recent divorce, and he was a mot… Go to Source

Firmware 2019, rev 2 for ZERO S/SR, DS/DSR

Hi all, I just check the firmware tab on the Zero Motorcycles app on my phone and discover that 2 new versions of the firmware are proposed as updates for the BMS and the MBB: – For the MBB, rev 27 is proposed as a replacement of the existing rev 26.-… Go to Source

Potential SRF Buyer…On the fence

Hello all! I have been reading and watching reviews on the SR/F for several weeks now.  Consistently, reviewers love the bike but are troubled by the price and range.  I test drove the bike a couple weeks ago and love the concept of having an electric … Go to Source

Moto-E GP Round 1

There it is the first Moto E GP race history made.  Man they're fast and that lean angle! https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x7cr0al Go to Source