On-board charger replacement options

First off, I just want to say that this is a great forum!  I’ve been lurking for a few weeks ever since I acquired a 2014 Zero S, which has been lots of fun so far.  Unfortunately the onboard charger is dead, and has been for over a year.  The previou… Go to Source

used my FX as a dirt bike

Saturday I rode sweep for a trail run event in one of Missouri's state parks on my 2017 FX.  I had removed the passenger pegs and brackets, turn signals, and kickstand.  I only have a bathroom scales but my stand sits on it nicely and the bike weighed … Go to Source

Just venting a little

it's been a little bit since I've been on here but if anyone can understand it's you guys. So I come to visit my sister in Asheville, NC. Last time I was here she's a good 30-40 min from the Blue Ridge Parkway and with my family I hate to take too much… Go to ...

EVSE cord/Charge adapter for longer trips.

I want to do some extended riding using various charging solutions.  L2 stations whenever available.  I want to be able to charge from multiple sources likeNEMA 5-15 (12 amps) HouseholdNEMA 10-30 (24 amps) My dryer outletNEMA 14-50 (40 amps) Campgro… Go to Source

More H-D Livewire news

H-D has updated the specifications for their new $30K+ Livewire electric motorcycle, including having engineered-in an idle vibration feature that lets you know it is "idling" when you are at a stop    :  https://electricmotorcycles.news/harley-davi… Go to Source

Towing the bike in the rain

Tomorrow I am off to the dealership with my SRF to get the screen replaced. It’s two states over and I am towing it on an open motorcycle trailer. It’s probably going to rain. I know the bike is technically fine to be in the rain but this is my first e… Go to Source

is the POLITICS or just a discussion on a lack of ethical corporate leadership?

Zero Motorcycles supporting BDS? certainly seems so.Israel was Zero Motorcycles #1 market for a while.  Then new senior management at Zero Motorcycles Inc began refusing orders for Israel government, delayed/stalled/deferred when not refusing dealer/d… Go to Source

A Fundraiser for Brian

I'm posting this here as I know many of you don't use Facebook but know Brian well from this forum.  The fundraising page has only been live for a little over two hours at the time of posting and yet we've raised over $2,000! I hope this makes a real … Go to Source

Belt Failure

So I was out for a ride last night on my 2018 FXS and hit a small bump / manhole cover as I was accelerating and my belt snapped. It's only 3300 miles old, and I've never had to adjust it because it has always been within the limits by gauge and app. H… Go ...

Aftermarket Footpegs?

Does anyone know of an aftermarket footpeg from another bike that will bolt right in to the Empulse?  I feel if I can get some stickier footpegs I can lean the bike more easily. Go to Source