Has anyone charged an sr/f at 12kw?

Like the tittle: has anyone actually charged an sr/f at 12kw with all of the available on board chargers? What was the experience like?What sort of connection/ connectors did you use? Go to Source

Lower pegs for SR/F?

Any suggestions? Go to Source

Anything better than spade connectors?

I've replaced mine once already with the most robust ones I could find.  But they still get quite hot.  I can put my finger on the connection, but that's it. Any longer, and I'm sure I'd burn my finger.  The cord and wire going each way are fairly warm… Go to Source

Vince experiments with a windshield

My dealership (ClevelandMoto) called and said that my box and rack were in.  I drove the truck to pick them up and also got a windshield and ordered a spare belt.  I have a SF/R Premium I decided to install the windshield first.  Easy-peasy.  It is a M… Go to Source

New to me SR/F

Well I finally picked up my new bike today along with rain and a potential Hurricane.  Got to drive it home.  Really happy with the way it runs and rides.  I think once I figure it out, I will really enjoy it.  But first a couple of newby questions. 1…. Go to Source

controlling TC-charger with Raspberry Pi Zero W and Waveshare RS485 CAN Hat

Using lennart's arduino code as a guide, I successfully controlled a pair of the 3.3kw elcon/TC chargers to charge my 2014 Zero SR a couple of times. Very rough code: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1R3gS66uGDV9o_wc7Ud1f6OeaU8uCLZRi Pictures of the u… Go to Source

Looking for a Brammo Empulse R in Germany/Europe

Hello Brammo Fans, Although slightly hesitant with the knowledge of having no real service/support/replacement parts from Brammo/Victory, I am still very interested in at least test driving and possibly purchasing a Brammo Empulse R here in Europe. I l… Go to Source

Adding second onboard charger Standard SR/F

I know that the premium SR/F comes with two 3kwh charge units, and the standard only comes with one.  Is there a way to add the second 3 kwh charge unit to the Standard SR/F?  Go to Source

Ahhhhhhhh Heated Grips

My ride to work today was on the chilly side.  Not cold, certainly, but chilly.It was the second ride wearing my Zero leather jacket and it kept my body warm.And the heated hand grips kept my hands nice and toasty. Go to Source

SR/F sounds way different after 600mi service

Hey guys, So I had my service done at 800 miles this weekend and got the bike out today. When I took off I immediately noticed it sounded different in accelerating, there is now a deeper pitched kind of groan and I feel it's vibration. I don't notice a… Go to Source