Please help B-6 code

I am a new to a 2010 Enertia and I love this bike. I left my house and at the end of the block I got a b-6 code and the bike shut down. BMS not communicating. I have done all the easy stuff, looked for poor connections, checked for blown fuses ECT.  I … ...

2018 DS Front Brake Pad Replacement Question

I am looking at the section in the Unofficial Manual concerning Front Pad replacement on a 2018 DS and I have a question about one of the steps… LINK :… Go to Source

Has anyone been inside an FX integrated battery module?

Hi guys, New member here with a "drive by" question, hope you don't mind the noise. There is a theft recovery 2017 FX up for auction on copart tomorrow, which I am interested in for an ATV EV conversion: The battery … Go to Source

broken drive belt

How many hours does it take for a Zero dealer to install a new belt on a 2019 SR? Go to Source

Is there a fuse protecting the onboard-charger on a ds 2014

I've asked the question on Facebook, but nobody could help me.I've plugged the 230V plug in the bike and the connection probably wasn't good, there was a summing sound for maybe half a second in the plug and then a bang, and the breaker in the chargin… Go to Source

Custom Settings For Newbie?

Does anyone have suggestions for custom settings for a beginning rider? I've mostly been riding with the ECO setting and have become reasonably comfortable with it. Still, I wonder if there are some other settings that may be more suitable for someone … Go to Source

FXS: Replaced my low beam with LED

So I've seen a few pics of people using a passive LED, but I wanted something a bit better. I've bought a set of Morimoto H3: 2Stroke 2.0 LED Headlight Bulbs to see if they would fit. Spoiler alert, they dont.  But the low beam is so weak, that I tr… Go to Source

Charger failure indication on SR/F

Hi all, is there a particular indication from the dashboard that at least one of both chargers on the SR/F (premium) is not working? Or is it possible that no indication appears though one of them is not working? Go to Source

Made Some basic DIY crash protection for my SR/F

Since aftermarket stuff is still very limited I created some crash protection myself using skate board wheels on the axles. Some pictures : [/… Go to Source

Equivalent ECO and Sport mode settings?

This was asked before a few years ago but I don't think a consensus was found. Does anyone know what the equivalent custom settings are for factory ECO and Sport mode?  Specifically in regards to an FX/FXS. Go to Source