Check engine light, app won’t send logs, no relevant error codes

As the title says, I keep getting the check engine light come on every now and then. I can't see any obvious cause, the first time it happened I thought it was because it was cold out combined with a low-ish SOC and it was warning me that power would b… Go to Source

2016 grips dont fit?

Dunno what I'm looking at here. My bar is 7/8, I replaced it with an identical bar. The clusters all fit fine, I went to put my new grips on, which were 7/8ths, and it was sloppy. Reeeeeal sloppy. Like a 16th of clearance, the grip spins freely. I trie… Go to Source

Dead 2013 Zero S. MBB broken? How can I test it?

Hi everyone I wrote another post with the first impressions of the problem: So it goes like this: I have a 2013 Zero S with no power at all when I turn the ignition… Go to Source

Tank,Fender and Tail For Sale

I have 2015 SR Tank, Front and Rear Tail for sale.  I warranty replaced mine because there was a known issue with a slight factory overfill of brake fluid that would drip and discolor the tank.  The color is the classic faded red.  Pictures later. PM… Go to Source

"I’d rather be limited to 100-mile increments and have the bike replenish in 45"

Sabrina Giacomini comes to a conclusion about the SR/F:  …. …. in her Zero chronicles articles: Go to Source

"I was reluctant to throw a leg over the 2020 Zero SR/F …"

… is how the review starts. At the end of the SR/F text: "Now, the Zero Motorcycles staff is here to take the SR/F back. Seriously, guys, just one more day." Go to Source

Routine Maintenance for 2014 S

I bought my '14 S used a few months ago and have put on about 500 miles. It has a little under 12k miles on it now. Everything is running fine as far as I can tell, but I am thinking of taking it in to a dealer just to check. I am closer to ...

Chain Kit Slack

Just installed the chain kit on my 2018 Zero FX.  How much slack should the chain have?  I only found one video that said "about 1 inch" but would like to know if Zero has a specification for this.  Thanks! Go to Source

Mileage and Elcon Usage

I'm currently looking at a used FXS, 2018. It has just shy of 20k miles on it and according to the previous owner, they used an Elcon charger on it. Elcon doesn't come with it sadly. I have a two questions: How does everyone here feel about … Go to Source

Changing the W3W parking light bulb

Hi, Is it necessary to remove the complete headlight assembly to change the small W3W bulb?I can turn/wiggle the boot of the little bulb with the headlight assembly still attached but I cannot seem to loosen it so I can change the bulb. Do I just pull… Go to Source