Segway Apex

Here another interesting bike that Segway built and may produce the Segway Apex.  Pretty cool looking it's got some kinda spaceship kinda look to it. [url=… Go to Source

SR/F rear modification

My dealer offers a self-developed modification of the rear of the SR/F, after he had several requests for it.What do you think? Go to Source

New member-just traded my Ducati Supersport for Zero FX ZF7.2

Hello Everyone. I am new to the e-bike world. I always promised myself that if I ever went back to street bikes, it would have to be a Ducati.  It has been a great bike, but after a year of ownership, I have decided it is better for my health to stick … Go to ...

Black screen, won’t turn on but signals and horn works

2016 Victory Empulse TT that I recently purchased with only a couple hundred miles. Worked super great for the first few rides but this morning: [-] Won't turn on – nothing on the screen, no noises. [-] However the horn and turn signals work. [-] Was… Go to Source

New Tool for logs: data export

In the course of working on a project, I realized I needed to finish an idea I've been hacking on for a while, to turn Zero logs into a tabular format that can be processed by commodity software into data visualizations and analytics. Zero logs are jus… Go to Source

Did i kill my 16 SR with water?

I bought a showroom SR 2 months ago, had 1k km on it. I love it, its a blast. I use it for my daily driver. I drove to work this morning, and had really heavy rain. Got to work, plugged it in. Went to the bike when I was done, and the dash was ...

’13 Brammo Empulse R, $3,000

21,468 miles. Single owner. Title in hand. Does not charge. I am pretty sure it is just the well-known wiring harness issue as it happened after I got a new job and started level II charging at work, but I tried hard-wiring around the offending harness… Go to Source

Math behind Custom mode settings?

Does anyone know how much the Custom torque settings modify actual torque or horsepower? Like, full power on my S is 0.24KW/kg but I've never set it to that nor do I expect to get that in real-world output.  But in 50% setting exactly half that? -Crissa Go to Source

Electrical connectors in DSR Black Forest 2018

I am looking for a place to get a 12V supply for heated gloves on my DSR Black Forest. I have found two connectors under the seat (not under the charge tank). See the attached photos. Does anyone recognise them? What do they do? Could I find a 12V AUX … Go to Source

SR/F Headlight: A rather large unlit area between the low and high beams.

[img]… Go to Source