Ozone scent?

I know that the bike does produce ozone in detectable amounts. But the other day and since, I feel like mine has been making more than usual? What's the controller box under the seat?  That's where it's strongest. -Crissa Go to Source

Damon Motorcycles Hyperpro Sport

While I can't get too excited by the name of this EV, nor the riding position, I do like the design. But it seems to be more of a technology demonstrator than an attempt to produce an actual production motorcycle and I am not too sure if I want my moto… Go to Source

Empulse TT Extended Warranty

The warranty on my 2016 Empulse TT is just about ready to lapse.  I have had no problems with my TT, but I have read about those who have.  I don't usually purchase extended warranties, but thought it might be appropriate with the Empulse TT.  So I che… Go to Source

CA cuts EV rebates

According to an article on the front page of the SF Chronicle, as of today, California is cutting back electric vehicle purchase rebates. They will no longer be offered for vehicles selling for over $60K and for plug-in hybrids that have a range… Go to Source

What method do dealers use to track rear wheels?

I know there are several ways to align the rear wheel  and was wondering if anyone can share the way his/her dealer did it.Was it with a string?A straight edge?A caliper type measuring gizmo?Some high-tech laser thingy?None of the above? I got min… Go to Source

SR/F update info from FB

Last night James D from the FB group reported that he installed the newly available firmware update and now his bike will not turn on.I did get notification that the update was available but chose not to apply it. Mostly I wanted to post this here to … Go to Source

Zero bluetooth works, but dealer cannot communicate with bike???

So I have a 2014 Zero S that is at the dealer for repair. The bike is still intermittently shutting down while riding (including at full speed on the freeway!). So after a month they finally get back to me and say that the motherboard needs to be repla… Go to Source

SR/F fault codes?? HELP!!

Hey guys.I'm new to zero's so please be patient with me…I'm working on an SR/f with mutiple faults.Before it came to me the 12v battery was replaced. Also at some point the charging pistol got stuck in the socket.although the 12v battery was repl… Go to Source

Engine Failure Then Fire

Hello everyone, I've been meaning to register but lurking as a guest for a while. I guess now is the time… My… former… motorcycle: 2014 Zero SR. Bought it used a few months ago and loved every minute of riding it until the very end. So today I wa… Go to Source

Unofficial Manual changes and roadmap

This is just a general notice about the plan I'm intending to carry out, after months of gathering of notes, reading professional texts on technical writing, reviewing other motorcycle service manuals, and finally a very generous invitation to Zero hea… Go to Source