SR/F – This is the game changer

The article in 'Motorcycle' (Australian Motorcycle News) gives some interesting, and (at least for me) new technical details/explanations, combined with the riding experience of the author, who claims that he has "ridden more electric motorcycles – not… Go to Source

Charge failure, ehhh BMS failure, ehhh Battery replacement …. (SR 2015)

Because I learn a lot from others reading this forum I decided to free up some time to also contribute by sharing my (horror) story with my beloved 2015 SR. This is part one, problem one. Next problems I will elaborate about in separate posts. Quick… Go to Source

USB charger for DSR 2018

Anyone know a good USB 3.0 charger to add on a Zero DSR 2018. Something that could be bought off the web and is easy to install (still new at playing with wires on my bike). Go to Source

Zero DSR ‘18 fly screen or options?

I am currently looking at installing a minimalist windshield on my DSR 2018, something like the OEM fly screen on the 2013 model, and i am looking at options (brand model) that would work with the DSR 2018. I am not looking at the MRA since they are to… Go to Source

Vibrations on left foot peg (dsr 2020)

Hi! I have noticed some small periodic vibrations on the left footpeg of my dsr 2020. Specially at low speeds (~30-40kmh) while maintaining the throttle at a fixed position. They are something like periodic small bumps that can be felt on my left foot…. Go to Source

Momentary power interruption when leaving a stop

Lately I have experienced a momentary power interruption every now and then when accelerating from a stop. There is seems to be no obvious pattern to the issue, other than it happens when leaving a stop and when my speed is about 10 mph.  It happens pe… Go to Source

Left bike outside now its Unresponsive, is it too far gone?

hey everyone, Been lurking for about a year now so I figured its time to sign up and make my first post. I have a 2015 Zero SR and like an idiot I left my bike outside (covered) for about a week and I when I came back it was dead. My neighbor kept tel… ...

Broken Bike: Sell "As-Is" or Scrap out for parts

Description of the problem: ( Go to Source

Dead SR/F?

Hello, A little under 3 months and 2000 miles on my Zero SR/F. It appears to be dead! I had brought the bike into the dealer on Thursday 23 January because the amber engine warning light had been on. I collected it on Saturday 25 January and was told t… Go to Source

2018 FXS Front Brake Pads

I need to replace the brake pads on my 2018 FXS within the next 1k miles and I'm having trouble locating where to buy them. It looks like the front part number from EBC is FA181 (unofficial zero manual and… Go to Source