Critical Zero DSR Brake failure

Hi All, I thought I would share the story of my experience with my 2017 Zero DSR with you just in case anyone has seen similar problems to me. I live in the UK and I got the bike in March 2017.  I used it almost continuously (mostly commuting 50 miles … Go to Source

SR/f Portable charge cable failed

After a long holiday break since I got my bike, I was excited to ride it only to be disappointed by a failed charge cable.Not sure how common this is but I'm finding it hard to find anything on internet. So, here it goes… I got my bike about 20 days… Go to Source

Twice in one ride, DS shut off and restarted?

2016 DS, had battery replaced under warranty about a year ago. This morning I went to leave for work, got a couple hundred yards from my house when the bike shut off on me. I had just moved my hand to twist the accelerator when i noticed all the lights… Go to Source

2011 Zero S with broken MBB

Would you consider buying a 2011 Zero S with faulty MBB? What would be the cost of replacing or fix it?There is one that is very low mileage in Portugal and I would buy it if is something that can be done with 500USD Go to Source

Plastics Part numbers?

I noticed on AF1 that the plastics have different part numbers for the color, and there are two yellows. The black for the 2014 is "24-04432-1 SDS TAIL TOP BLACK#2" but I'm trying to match the yellow tank I have and there are two yellow parts with that… Go to Source

Aligning the front…everything?

Okay, so my bike got dropped while I was away.  Spouse is okay, but embarrassed. Now, the handbars and entire console and forks were crooked to the front wheel.  It didn't seem haza… Go to Source

Zero riders in Indonesia / Jakarta

Hi Electric Riders, Are there any Zero riders in Jakarta? I have been riding Zero FX 2015 and it is an excellent bike for the conditions here. Also I made some great trips: Trying to … Go to Source

Diginow + chargetank setup

I'm thinking of getting a diginow setup to work alongside the 6kW chargetank. Whats the best way to get this combo to work on a ZF 13kW pack?I guess i can only add an additional 3.3kW charger. Has anyone tried this before and if so any instructions on… Go to Source