Charge station fail. What did I do wrong?

J1772 station at the Byrd Visitor Center on Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park Mile 51. Zero SR/F. Plugged in the charger and the charging dash came on but no current. Pushed the start button on the charger. Nothing. Charger has a keypad and a f… Go to Source

Turning 2016 13kwh DS into a DSR?

I have the same battery and engine in my 2016 DS as the DSR. Is there a way to play with the software and turn up the power to DRS levels? Go to Source

Boot Guard piece

Hi All, I have been riding my 2019 S nearly every day since I bought it late last year. The aluminum boot guard piece has been starting to wear through the anodization from the first week. My riding boots have aluminum dust on them where the contact th… Go to Source

SR/F Premium + Rapid Charger and Tesla destination charger

I have the rapid charger now for two weeks. Was it just bad luck or is there a basic problem with my configuration (SR/F Premium + Rapid Charger) and Tesla destination chargers?I tried at least 4 different locations – it worked nowhere. Some just woul… Go to Source

400-mile 2013 Empulse for $1,795

Here is a really cheap Empulse. But it has been on Cycle Trader for the past 30 days. Kind of makes you wonder why it hasn't sold yet.… Go to Source

First wash – update

From original post on 4/28. The issues were slowly going away. After two battery depleting trips from Galt to Lincoln and back, and a few other short trips here and there, the light show was nearly gone. The indicators that were still hanging in there… Go to Source

ZERO FXS 2020 odometer and polaroid glasses

Hi all, About a month ago I got my new FXS.Great fun, now the weather is getting sunnier I got myself some polarised Ray Bans.When I look through, my odometer seems all washed up in colours. I attached two pictures, with and seen trough polarised gl… Go to Source

My Enertia is streetlegal now

This morning I had an appointment at the RDW, the dutch government department for testing/approving vehicles.It all went well and my Brammo got his his approval, within a few days i get my registration certificate card.So one back one the road again Go to Source


I had posted this photo up on Facebook to show off my "Petrocide" sticker from Aerostich.  That oval depression just above the sticker always bothered me.  Shouldn't there be something in there?  I had the exact same case for my 2009 Yamaha TMAX and th… Go to Source

Can you identify these LED turn signals?

Anyone know who makes these LED turn signals? The owner of them won't reply but he does have "Classy Chassis & Cycles" in his sig…. Would I need to install a LED Flasher Relay ? I have one for my yamaha XSR900. Would that one work for the 16 DS 13kw?… Go to Source