2016 Empulse TT – Toronto area

I'm moving on.  It's been a fun bike, but I no longer commute from the 'burbs to downtown. https://www.kijiji.ca/v-street-cruisers-choppers/miss… Go to Source

2019 SR vibration at 63mph and beyond

New 2019 demo SR (200~miles)  Rumble strip style vibration exactly at 63mph and up (from the rear/below the seat) Suspected rear wheel balance since the tire was swapped (previous dealer shipped it with weird cracks in it) and didnt have weights on it…. Go to Source

SRF / SRS Low SOC restrictions

Anyone know the official behaviour under CyberIII for low SOC scenario? I've scanned my SRF manual, and the unofficial manual site and I can't see anything on what the bike will do in a low SOC.  I know (experienced and read about) that at a low SOC th… Go to Source

Looking for a good highway shield for my SR/F

Looking for a good windshield for my SR/F.  I picked up an MRA Highway shield (19") but just can't find a good position that limits turbulence while avoiding excessive noise at the helmet.  I tried putting an extension on the shield, but could not get … Go to Source

CA requires electric truck sales

My newspaper today said that California regulators have passed a rule requiring that certain percentages of all truck sales in the state must be fully electric, or otherwise zero emission, including pickup trucks, delivery trucks and tractor-trailer tr… Go to Source

New Firmware updates for my 2018 S

Noticed it when I pulled into the garage just before I was going to shut down the app.  Have it downloading and installing now.  According to:https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/owner-resources/firmware/ It is bug fixes to improve storage longevity in sel… Go to Source

Abnormal chain/sprocket wear?

Replaced the o-ring chain on the Enertia with an EK 420-SRO o-ring chain about 1000 or so miles ago due to the old chain making a clicking noise at each rotation.  It was also fairly rusted.  From what I've read it's best to replace the sprockets at th… Go to Source

Round headlight mounting bracket

Hope all are doing well! I bought a round headlamp with universal brackets earlier this year to try to fit on my 2018 S. But the lump of wiring inside the factory headlight housing seem to be making it difficult for me to fit the new headlight. I know … Go to Source

Did my first 200+ mile day!

Yesterday was "Forget About Work, Let's Ride Day" (at least according to Facebook).  Since I haven't had any kind of vacation this year, I took the day off.  One of the members of my club put together an "Explore Long Island Passport Tour" (think of it… Go to Source

SR / F damaged by rain?

I always make sure my SR / F is well covered under a roof or rain proof cover when parked, but the other day I had no other option than to park over night outside without any cover, and that night it rained. The next day the yellow "Check Engine Light"… Go to Source