Zero on-board charger models 2014-2020

I thought you might be interested to see four photos of the Zero S/DS/DR/DS charger boxes model numbers during four years of develpment that I have replaced during the past year. The 2014 S charger died a slow death and when replaced would stop chargin… Go to Source

SRF Sidestand drop

Aagh!  just dropped my SRF when parked. Sidestand collapsed up, was pointing slightly downhill. Wont do that again. When I first got the bike i did almost the almost the same thing: parked the bike on the level, leaned on it, it moved just enough forwa… Go to Source

reposting – seeking latest Zero Diagnostic Utility (ZDU) program

Hi, Seems I accidently deleted my earlier post.  We're looking for the latest ZDU from Zero.  Customers are suffering here since Zero abandoned the Israel market and their #1 distributor.  There's a new distributor but … well enough said on that.  We… Go to Source

beta software/firmware on SR/F?

I've heard stories recently regarding not quite cooked software/firmware on the SR/F.   Looking for some confirmation of this.  This certainly was an issue with the apparent FW updates "beta-testing by owners".  We heard of a number of issues.  Account… Go to Source

most recent ZDU – Zero Diagnostic Utilities – needed

Hi, We're the former dealer/distributor of Zero Motorcycles in Israel that was shut down after we repeatedly expressed serious concerns to Zero's Motorcycles senior management on a range of issues including their refusal to supply vehicles to Israel.  … Go to Source

stripped drain plug

been changing the oil on my 2014 since the day I bought it. Today, I managed to strip the plug. Vice grips didnt help, it's like the metal itself has become soft. This sucks. Question: are drain plugs a standard size or do I need to order a special Bra… Go to Source

On board charger replacement

Yesterday I received my new replacement charger from AF1, a day early. Naturally, UPS beat up the box during transit, but the charger managed to survive the shipping fun.  Attached are two photos of the original charger that was installed in my 2018 Ze… Go to Source

Honda Motocompacto

Honda looks like it might be coming out with a new compact folding mini motorcycle, similar to their earlier ICE Motocompo. This time it will be electric powered:  [url=… Go to Source

Strange noise with regeneration (S 2019)

Hi everyone. I ask for help to identify a problem. Model: S 2019 11kw, no charge tank, no power tank KM: 5000 (never driven in the rain or on dirt roads) For some days I have been hearing a disturbing noise when I release the accelerator and regenerati… Go to Source

Zero SRF/S better mode than sport mode?

Hi guys, I read here and other website, with SRF or S it is possible to have more performance than sport mode. I read, Beast Mode, this is real or just in their head? When I check with the Android Zero App, I see on the sport mode it is already to max … Go ...