2016 Zero SR High Throttle Error (0001)

Hello, I'm trying to troubleshoot my 2016 Zero SR based on a High Throttle Error which is giving me fault code 0001 and having the warning light flash once and then flash three times. When I initially turn the bike key on, I get the error code for the … Go to Source

Zero and Polaris

https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/29/21473587/polaris-zero-motorcycles-electric-ev-off-road-vehicle-snowmobiles Cool Steve Go to Source

Custom Wheels

Hey all, Anyone swapped over to custom rear (or both) wheel(s)? for example, BST carbon wheels.  Just wondering if noticed any improvements or downsides. Go to Source

Zero partners with Polaris

https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/29/21473587/polaris-zero-motorcycles-electric-ev-off-road-vehicle-snowmobiles This will be interesting…… Go to Source

Polaris + Zero?

https://www.zeromotorcycles.com/custom/polaris Good news? Go to Source

Zero partners with Polaris Industries

It looks like Zero will be providing the power trains and battery packs for Polaris off-road products, while Polaris provides the chassis design, manufacturing, marketing, retail dealers and distribution network for a new line of battery-powered commer… Go to Source

Brammo Empulse V78 Error code fix

So I finally got the V78 service code and after riding around for a couple days with it blaring on my screen. I tried to ignore it, but I just couldn't do it any more. I pulled off the necessary covers, disconnected the high power connection and pulled… Go to Source

SR/F-S firmware parameter change for using LED turn signals

This year Zero finally brought us LED turn signals and I remember having read that they could be mounted without using resistors if the appropriate paramet… Go to Source

FX Front Sprocket

I have the chain kit on my 2017 FX and wanted options on the front sprocket.  After contacting several sprocket suppliers, JT sprockets told me they supply front sprockets to Zero; didn't know if anyone else was also supplying them and they do not supp… Go to Source

Updated Android app available for "Generation 2" bikes (S/DS/SR/DSR/FX/FXS)

Just got the update.  Changes simply says bug fixes and performance improvements. Go to Source