[VIA REGISTERED MAIL AND EMAIL]IMPORTANT SAFETY RECALL NOTICEThis notice applies to your vehicle with VIN# 538ZFBZ70LCL14985Recall SV-ZMC-021-020 / NHTSA Recall #20V704 November 30, 2020 Dear Zero Motorcycle Owner, This notice is being sent to you … Go to Source

New guy in the community

Hello to all. As I am new to this forum I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Thorsten, age towards 50.I startet to drive electric back when the French delivered the Clio Electric, so there is some experience. 2 years ago I stopped riding my huffin… Go to Source

Victory Empulse TT Component Tour

I had my bikes plastics off to top off the coolant so I made a video about the components on the Empulse TT Go to Source

2020 SR/F, SR/S Front Brake Switch Recall

Zero has announced a recall of 2020 SR/F and SR/S models for defective front brake switches.  The recall involves bikes produced from February 14, 2019, to June 19, 2020, and VINs from 538ZFAZ73LCK11327 to 538ZFBZ77LCL15258. The NHTSA ID for this recal… Go to Source

Bluetooth dropping when trying to update 2019 S

When trying to apply the latest firmware the app constantly dropps the bluetooth 10 seconds in the update process…I’m trying with an iPhone XS. Go to Source

Zero S 2013 MBB login password

Hello, does anyone know the level 2 and level 3 password for the MBB? As far as I know, it has been the same for a long time.Unfortunately, I've only been able to find the level 1 password so far. Thanks! DerKrawallkeks Go to Source

bouncing fork much after tire change

fork that sbacchetta much after tire changehello, everyone.I have recently changed the front tire by putting an enduro one, and at the first off-road ride I noticed that it bounces a lot off the front, it bounces a lot on the stones as if the fork did… Go to Source

Aligning front mudguard of DSR

Hi! Today I noticed the front mudguard is not perfectly perpendicular to the handlebars. The problem is only with the mudguard, the fork, light and wheel are all perfectly aligned. Do you know it it is possible to adjust the alignment of the front mudg… Go to Source

2021 BMW Vision DC Roadster electric motorcycle

Check out minute 12 of this otherwise annoying video.  Could this bike actually be making it to BMW showrooms next year? I certainly didn't expect to see this EV arriving that soon. I wonder why it has slick tires?:[url=… Go to Source

Exiting From Storage Mode

After working with Zero Customer Service for a couple of weeks to get my SR/S dash and their Next Gen app working together properly, I decided to try a few functions as a test.  I put the bike into the Storage Mode using the app, left it for a day, the… Go to Source