bouncing fork much after tire change

fork that sbacchetta much after tire changehello, everyone.I have recently changed the front tire by putting an enduro one, and at the first off-road ride I noticed that it bounces a lot off the front, it bounces a lot on the stones as if the fork did… Go to Source

Aligning front mudguard of DSR

Hi! Today I noticed the front mudguard is not perfectly perpendicular to the handlebars. The problem is only with the mudguard, the fork, light and wheel are all perfectly aligned. Do you know it it is possible to adjust the alignment of the front mudg… Go to Source

2021 BMW Vision DC Roadster electric motorcycle

Check out minute 12 of this otherwise annoying video.  Could this bike actually be making it to BMW showrooms next year? I certainly didn't expect to see this EV arriving that soon. I wonder why it has slick tires?:[url=… Go to Source

Exiting From Storage Mode

After working with Zero Customer Service for a couple of weeks to get my SR/S dash and their Next Gen app working together properly, I decided to try a few functions as a test.  I put the bike into the Storage Mode using the app, left it for a day, the… Go to Source

When to replace tyres?

Hi! I have never had a motorcycle where the rear tyre life is so short xD I see a lot of difference between rear and front tyre so I would like to ask you if you think my rear tyre is near the end of its life or how many km do you think it ...

GM’s new battery design

An article in my newspaper today, written by Tom Krisher and published by the AP, says that GM has announced a breakthrough in battery chemistry. It will potential double the capacity of their batteries and cut the price by 60%. This could give … Go to Source

Bike going back, many parts and accessories available

My Empulse TT was just deemed irreperable.It is going back to Polaris. The B9 Fault was confirmed as pending battery failure by a Victory dealer able to diagnose it.I really regret seeing it go.  I have enjoyed it very much. So much missed potential … Go to Source

What size are FXS handlebar mounts?

OK.  I know this is a dumb question. What size are the handlebar mounts on a 2018 FXS?  I need to get something to stop my hippo hands from pressing the brake.  The were fine from their own stiffness last winter, but now press a little over 65 mph. I w… Go to Source

Metal body panels

I am working on doing a custom build of a Zero FX.I am using metal for the “tank cover” panels. Is that bad idea from an electric perspective? I am afraid of the risk of getting shocked or creating shorts. There are quite a few cable there, and also t… Go to Source

tail tidy

Is there one for an SR/S? Go to Source