2016 FX not charging

I think I posted this in the wrong forum yesterday. I have a 16 ZERO FX that was been at the dealer twice since September because it is not charging. They replaced the MBB and Charger, said it was working, but its not working.  Green light comes on but… Go to Source

Battery future tech discussion article

This is an interesting battery future tech article: https://www.theregister.com/2020/12/30/beyond_lithium_ion_batteries/ Go to Source

Power pack or Quick charger?

Trying to decide wether to upgrade to the power pack or quick charger on my new SR/S. Bough it end of November, gotten some rides in to familiarize myself with all the operations, added a center stand, planing to ride as much as possible with our goofy… Go to Source

Zero S, Handguards and Commuter screen

Heey all, If you are like me and you want to your bike to fight the wind for you  you might want to add an Commuter screen and Handguards to your motorcycle.I have to say it makes commuting a lot more comfortable. Your hands will feel less cold. Wh… Go to Source

Zero S BMS cover plug

So I have my bike for a few months now and i noticed my BMS cover plug fell off during riding…  To cite the exploded view: "BMS COVER PLUG, 22MM PANEL HOLE SIZE, 0.8MM-2MM PANEL THICKNESS"() So I … Go to Source

Installed SR/F foot peg lowering kit

Just received the kit (ordered from https://www.zeromoc.com/product/srf-footpeg-lowering/, no affiliation). Installation was straightforward, with 2 hints. Though they're only 20 mm lower, it's surprisingly (pleasantly) noticeable. For each peg:[list … Go to Source

SR/F Winter Storage

Minnesota rider here. Put a SR/F in storage on November 19 with a SOC of 58% on a level 2 EVSE. This morning I checked the SOC and it was at 23%. The manual states the battery will ‘discharge extremely slowly over time.’ Almost 1%/day loss, in my opini… Go to Source

In theory, what stops us from adding more 3kW chargers to SR platform bikes?

I'm not sure about the US market but for EU models we have the SR-platform models with either : Phase 1 with 3kW charger on standard model Phase 1 and 2 each 3kW for a total of 6kW on premium models Phase 1 3kW and phase 2 6kW for a total of 9kWPhas… Go to ...

Video on Zero SR/F and SR/S rear wheel removal and belt replacement

I broke my belt a few days back. Managed to get a new one from a dealer that had it in stock and opened up for me on the second day of Christmas. You don't have to remove your rear wheel to replace a belt but while at it I did anyway so I could ...

Deimante is at it again.

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/vPG3u33pceg?fs=1 Go to Source