SR/F, SR/S Charging in Storage Mode

My 2020 SR/S will not charge when in Storage Mode.  My bike has firmware version 18 in the MBB and BMS, and the temperature is in the mid 40s.  The current SoC is 47%.  When I plug in the charger the charging display comes up on the dash, but the displ… Go to Source

Cut Out During Hard Acceleration

My Empulse has done this twice recently.  When I enter a freeway on ramp and I go wide open the bike will cut out.  It feels like it is hitting a low voltage cutout.  It started doing this recently while the weather is cool like around 60F and I still … Go to Source

empulse in germany Go to Source

QuantumScape solid state battery breakthrough article

Here is an interesting article that was in my newspaper yesterday regarding QuantumScape's new solid-state EV battery design. Unlike previous announcements regarding such batteries, this one looks like it will be going into production as it is apparent… Go to Source

FBI raids Ducati’s N.A. HQ

Scary stuff. I wonder what was going on? Also, I wasn't aware that the Ducati NA HQ was located in Sunnyvale, CA: Go to Source

Zero parts

Hello everyone, So I was out riding and hit some gravel causing my fairly new Zero to crash. Luckily I wasn’t going that fast and both me and the bike got away with only minor injuries. However one of the mirrors broke off and I need to find the proper… Go to Source

Need help fixing my SRF charge tank install

Anyone who has an overview picture of the charge tank? To help me show how routing should be done. Especially the orange wrapped wires and black charge inlets. Preferably an EU type2. Only tank cover to be removed. The story behind this question ; I ha… Go to Source

new Zero FX battery suddenly DOA showing 26V at pins. any ideas

this FX is something special. any ideas why one of my batteries went dead. 2 days ago fully charged, today 26V measuring from the pins. some sort of internal fuse. BMS not responding. no bulging or swelling. some sort of Zero defect? Go to Source

Building a ’21 Fx 5kw Fast Charger with rectifiers, Need advice!

Here's a rough concept diagram, And here's my hopeful order of operations on things: J1772 connects- Onboard charger/rectifiers energizeOnboard charger opens contactsBoth onboard and Rectifiers charge batter… Go to Source

Installed SR/F bar risers and MRA Vario Touring Screen

Ordered the Rox 1 1/2" Barback Risers For 1 1/8" Bars risers ( and MRA Vario Touring screen with universal mount kit (… Go to Source