BMW CE 04 electric scooter

It looks like BMW might be getting ready to introduce another electric motorcycle to their lineup: nbsp</a Go to Source

Here is a company that repairs Zero motorcycle battery packs

I cant nbsp vouch for this as I have not needed a repair, but I watched a video from this company that repairs Teslas on YouTube and asked if they repair Zero motorcycle batteries, and he says they do.<br / Go to Source

The rise and fall of Victory Motorcycles

Here is an interesting video discussing the rise and fall of Victory Motorcycles. Their purchase of Brammo and their electric motorcycle development is mentioned in passing around minute 5 and again just before minute 11: nbspnbsp Go to Source

SR/F passenger seat pad – how to get it?

Just managed to lose my passenger seat.I guess I didn'#039#039t lock it properly, so it flew off somewhen. When I noticed it was too later and I couldn'#039#039t even find it anymore. Hope that I can buy a replacement. If anyone has any source (besides asking the d. Go to Source

What do the extra wires from the BMS do?

HiCan’t get any BMS for my old Zero MX’s so will have to source an alternative BMS.Does anyone know a compatible one ?Failing that what do the brown and black wires do from the KSI to the MBB on the diagram? Go to Source

2014 DS 11.4 loses power at about 85%. Won’t allow throttle to increase.

My 2014 DS 11.4 was working great all of these years. nbspnbsp Because of my previous job, I was only commuting like 3 miles each way/day so I'#039#039ve got 20,000 miles on the bike. nbspnbsp Bike performance flawless, strong, and could easily reach over 85 on highway for Go to Source

Quad Diginow Superchargers and Tesla Destination EVSEs

I want to be able to use several sources with my 4 Diginow Superchargers. nbspnbsp I have two on each side, in aluminum panniers, with a J1772 socket for each pair. nbspnbsp I have adapters that will let me run 3 SCs from a NEMA 14-50, or each charger individually f. Go to Source

Charge cable temperature question on 2017 FXS

I was charging a new to me 2017 FXS recently and when I unplugged the 110V cable, I noticed it was quite warm. Especially closer to the charge port. So today I rode the bike to about 70% and came home to charge it. After about 3-4 hours of charging and… Go to Source

Add additional Elcon TC HK-J 3300W chargers to a DigiNow SC setup?

I'#039#039m still mulling over the idea of adding a DigiNow SC setup to my 2017 SR. If I have a 2 or 3-SC setup, can I add more chargers by just buying Elcon TC HK-J 3300W'#039#039s? Or do I need to track down charging units that are specific to DigiNow? If the form. Go to ...

Kollter Banshee Storm 4-Speed Electric Dirtbike

Thought I'#039#039d post about this here, learned about this on ADVrider. nbspnbsp There is a dirt bike that just came out in the produced by a company called Kollter that has a 4 speed transmission. nbspnbsp It looks like basically a traditional motorcycle engine with a h Go to Source